Key Strategies for Streamlining Identity Solutions Deployment

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Know your customers

Navigating the intricacies of identity solutions deployment is often a nuanced process requiring a structured approach to ensure your implementation meets the specific needs of your organization and enhances business performance. Below we’ve compiled a list of best practices to streamline this process and bolster the chances of success.

Outline desired outcomes
Identify the business objectives and outcomes you aim to achieve. Establishing these parameters at the outset ensures that the solution will align with your business goals and leads to a more successful deployment.

Assess Existing Infrastructure and Solution Stack
Analyze the existing infrastructure and assess the impact of the identity solution on the current environment. Doing so will help identify potential issues and determine necessary changes. IDI’s coreIDENTITY™ solution offers API-based tools that integrate easily into existing infrastructures and can be inserted into a waterfall to optimize onboarding metrics.

Explore Comprehensive Solution Options
Select an identity solution that aligns with the defined use cases and requirements. One key advantage of coreIDENTITY is its scalability and flexibility, which allows businesses to deploy the capabilities across various contexts and industries. Additionally, the solution is highly customizable, allowing businesses to tailor it to their specific needs. coreIDENTITY is powered by our industry-leading identity intelligence platform, CORE. Gain a better understanding of your data with CORE’s cloud-native, AI/ML-driven entity resolution engine powered with advanced linking logic and algorithms.

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