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Accredited Background Screening -In Search of Excellence in Background Screening:Best Practices from Accredited Background Screening Firms

Applicant Tracking Systems and HRIS

Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Machine Learning and Background Screening

Background Checks for Guns

Background Screening Basics/Background Screening 101

Background Screening Industry Focus
Health Care

Background Screening Research, Trends and Benchmark Reports

Books on Background Screening

Contingent labor and Contract Workers

Corporate In-house Screening

Cost of Bad Hires

Courthouse Research


Credit Checks

Criminal Records
Ban the Box
Expungement, Second Chance and Hiring Excons

Data Protection and Privacy
Privacy Shield

Drug and Alcohol Screening

Education Verification

Employment Screening News

Employment Verification and Reference Checking

FCRA Class Action Lawsuits

Fingerprinting and Biometric Identifyers

How to Select the Right Background Screening Provider for your Company

Immigration and E-Verify

Infinity Screening, Continuous Screening, Post Hire Screening, Rescreening and Continuous monitoring


Job Seekers and Applicant Information


Legal Issues

Negligent Hiring

Occupational Fraud, Diploma Mills, Fake Degrees, Fake References & Fake Resumes

Public Records

Return on Investment

Salary History Checking

Social Media Screening

Technology Issues in Background Screening

Tenant Screening

Vulnerable Population, Volunteer Checks & Sexual Offenders


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How to Select the RIGHT Background Screening Provider for your Company

  • Best Practices based on NAPBS accreditation guidelines
  • Learn how to assess which type of background screening provider will best fit your needs
  • Learn how to evaluate providers using a criterion based approach