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The Costs of Inadequate Background Checks

Background checks are a critical piece of the hiring process. An inadequate background check can have a negative effect on businesses in several ways, including poor hires, a lengthy recruitment process, reputational damage, financial loss, and legal liabilities. Employers should adopt a standardized process and policy for background checks, as well as written consent that […]

What Are the Key Factors in Identifying the Cost of Background Checks

Your boss has requested that you put together a budget for your hiring expenses which will include a line item for the cost of employment background checks.

As you think about identifying the information you need to establish the cost for the employment background check line item, I encourage you to pause and think about what […]

Challenging the Notion of Value-Bundling Your Background Screening Services

The use of value bundling – or combining similar products, services or quantities into one package that is priced for value – can be appealing when it comes to background screening, but it can actually increase a business’s risk of hiring rather than help manage it. Bundling not only can promote unnecessary products and services, […]

Cost of a Background Check: How Much Should You Pay?

Over the past decade, the consumer reporting and background screening industry has seen significant growth. With growth typically comes competition, and with competition usually comes aggressive pricing. The cost of a criminal background check can vary by search type and by screening company (aka Consumer Reporting Agency – CRA). This post is to provide an estimate […]


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