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Did That Mall Santa Undergo a Background Check? A New Bill Would Demand It

It soon could be mandatory for those employed as a children’s character to complete a background check in the state of New York. Employers would be required to run a person’s name through child abuse and sex offender registries and knowingly hiring an offender would be a Class A misdemeanor. If signed into law, the […]

A Quick Guide on How to Select a Drug & Alcohol Screening Provider

No two companies are alike and similarly, no two company’s drug testing programs are likely to be the same A drug test involves various stages leading up to final result and there are professional providers for each phase of the drug testing process. These providers include: Device manufacturers Specimen collectors (for urine, oral fluid, and […]

Saliva Instead of Urine for Drug Testing?

With more employers drug testing their employees as an unintended consequence of the legalization of recreational marijuana, some are wondering whether saliva testing offers additional advantages. This form of testing allows those who have a hard time providing a urine sample an alternative solution and is relatively cheaper than urine collection. Saliva also can be […]

Time to Go Back to School on FCRA ‘Disclosure & Authorization’ Requirements

For all the Private Investigator firms that conduct background checks its time to go back to school. How is it possible, at this point in time, that service providers and their clients are still getting it wrong when it comes to creating a legally compliant ‘disclosure and authorization form for job applicants to provide their […]

A Lawsuit Waiting to Happen: Get Cannabis Testing Right or You Will End Up in Court!

Legal cannabis and hemp or CBD has become the latest rave racing rapidly across the U.S.and finding its way into many consumer products. The availability of products containing CBD in varying proportions is increasing exponentially.As CBD products surge in the marketplace they also present employers who conduct drug testing with a new issue, Can Common […]

How well do you know your background check basics?

Background checks are complicated, highly regulated, and come with big consequences. Even minor mistakes cause big problems. Missed talent opportunities. Unhappy candidates. Increased legal risk. Nothing slows down — or even stops — the recruiting process like a bad background check. Download the Beginner’s Guide to Background Checks to learn: What searches are included in a background check How […]

The Evolution of Risk Management From Background Screens to Continuous Monitoring

Evolving since the 1990s, which saw a rise in high-profile cases of workplace violence, as well as an increase in negligent hiring claims, the background screening industry has welcomed technological assistance as new threats have become presented. What once consisted of a one-time background screening process now includes continuous monitoring that reduces risk and makes […]

Are Your Clients Using Federal Criminal Record Searches?

All too often, HR Managers and end-users skimp on the federal criminal record churches, relying solely on county courthouse searches. Federal searches include violations of federal law, such as those enforced by the DHS, FBI, DEA, ATF and other federal government agencies, and don’t appear in state or county criminal reports. Crimes that may surface […]

FCRA Climbing the Ladder to Top Consumer Litigation Statute

Class action lawsuits involving the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) are nothing new. But the 265 lawsuits that were filed in February 2017 saw a 59.2 percent increase, jumping to 422. According to Wesley Bulgarella and Jonathan Hoffman, attorneys with Balch & Bingham LLP, FCRA filings have even started to outnumber Telephone Consumer Protection Act […]

The ICE Man Cometh

While its true that Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) class action lawsuits have been steadily on the rise, it is perhaps the immigration status issues that have overshadowed the news. President Trump signed Executive Order 13788 Buy American and Hire American calling for the rigorous enforcement and administration of existing laws to protect the interests […]

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