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Practice of Using Credit Checks for Hiring is Fading

Authored By W.Barry Nixon, SHRM- CMP Despite the debates and discussions at the federal level about new regulations to address the concerns about the impact of background checks on the nation’s high unemployment rate and the EEOC’s release of new guidance for conducting checks, there has been little movement in this area. At one point, […]

Professional Plaintiff Sues 46 Employers for Alleged FCRA Violations; Will Your Client Be Next?

Authored By W.Barry Nixon, SHRM- CMP Michigan-based company WebRecon recently reported that June court filings for FCRA lawsuits were up 34.5% over May and up 27.6% for the year, to date. Sixteen of the 409 FCRA cases filed in June were Class Actions. Some of the top courts included 102 lawsuits in Chicago, 77 in […]

The Tragic Live Shooting at WDBJ-TV Demonstrates Why Reference Checking Matters

Authored By W.Barry Nixon, SHRM- CMP Although workplace violence is never easy to predict or prevent, reference checking is a step that can and should be taken to help reduce the risk of a tragic incidence. The recent on-air shootings at WDBJ-TV that ended the lives of Alison Parker and Adam Ward illustrate the belief […]

The Dirty Little Secret About Negligent Hiring that Private Investigators Need to Know About!

Authored By W.Barry Nixon, SHRM- CMP Negligent hiring. Workrights Institute and TalentWise each agree that this “failure to use reasonable care in the selection of an employee when there is a foreseeable risk of harm to third parties” could be avoided if employers would get serious about their background screening process. In cases of negligent […]

The Emergence of Infinity Screening: Moving Background Screening from Pre-hire Problem Identification to a Threat Management Tool that Helps to Mitigate Risk

Authored By W.Barry Nixon, SHRM- CMP Despite more than 90 percent of all businesses and organizations conducting some sort of pre-employment background check, Infinity Screening (also called continuous screening, reoccurring screening and post hire screening) is causing changes within the screening industry. This process includes conducting background checks on current employees on a periodic or […]

The Magnificent Seven: The Coming Trends that Will Impact Background Screening

Authored By W.Barry Nixon, SHRM- CMP As the publisher of The Background Buzz, the leading newsletter for the professional background screening industry, my monthly preparation involves reaching hundreds of articles and publications that deal with hiring, recruiting, talent management and acquisition, from business journals and blogs, to management publications. I would like to focus on […]

The Seven Year Reporting Rule: ‘To Report or Not to Report’ That is the Question?

Authored By W.Barry Nixon, SHRM- CMP With more and more private investigators conducting background checks, it is important to understand the seven-year reporting rule and the details regarding when the clock starts ticking after a conviction and prison time. According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, unless the individual is reasonably expected to earn more […]

Trust but Verify

Authored By W.Barry Nixon, SHRM- CMP Job descriptions often include educational requirements that have been developed based on extensive analysis of job requirements and the level of knowledge needed to successfully perform the work. In addition, a professional license or certification also may be required. Certification criteria varies from field to field, but includes a […]

WANTED: EEOC Upends Background Screening with New Position on Criminal Background Checks

Authored By W.Barry Nixon, SHRM- CMP Four years ago, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission issued new guidance regarding background checks that would address the rise in conviction rates generally, and the disproportionately high conviction rates of African American and Hispanic men. The Enforcement Guidance would amend the increased availability and ease of the use of […]


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