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Popular Drug Test Cheat Devices & How to Combat Them

By Sarah Davis, NDASA assistant and registered drug test collector

Where there is testing, unfortunately, there is also cheating. We are living in the golden age of products that claim to help an individual pass a drug screen. Cheat devices are available from private sellers online, but they are also widely available in places as accessible to the […]

A Quick Guide to Help Background Screening Firms Select the Right Insurance Policy to Meet Their Needs

Background screening is a highly litigious area of business and having the right insurance coverage in place will not only help you sleep better at night, but also help protect your business. 

According to Good Jobs First, a 22-year-old non-profit based in Washington DC focusing on government and corporate accountability over the last decade, employers and background […]

The Risk of Negligent Retention: A 12-Month Case Study on Continuous Monitoring

Could have known? Should have known. This is the fundamental belief that has elevated negligent retention to top-of-mind for employers and risk managers. When an employee causes a loss or injury that was “reasonably foreseeable,” the liability can fall on the employer. That’s nothing new. But what is evolving very quickly is the availability of continuous monitoring […]

Top 5 Benefits of Selling Oral Fluid as a Background Screener

By Bill Current

Here’s the good news: Drug testing is here to stay. 

The movement to legalize marijuana in many states has caused some to question the viability of workplace drug testing. Yet, the federal government continues to require drug testing of workers in safety-sensitive transportation occupations, as part of Department of Defense contracts, in prisons and […]

A Professional Background Checking Company’s Guide to Nanny Background Checks

By W. Barry Nixon, Founder & COO,

Often nanny background checks are overlooked by professional Background Checking firms because they have the mindset that people are still relying on their parents or the neighbor’s teenage children to take care of their loved ones. Nanny background checks have progressed considerably beyond this old notion and way […]

18 States Have Now Legalized Recreational Marijuana: What CRAs Need to Know

Nick Fishman

Over the past several months, five states — New Jersey, New York, Virginia, New Mexico, and Connecticut — have joined the growing list of states where possession and or use of marijuana is legal.

That list is now up to 18 (plus the District of Columbia), covering about 44% of the U.S. population. An additional […]

Approaches to Criminal Backgrounds Checks for an International Workforce

Many employers in Asia rely on their candidates’ self-disclosures, but this can lead to incidents such as hiring a candidate with a serious criminal conviction or questionable background. Situations like this occur all around the world. In Singapore, a man was fired from a ride-hailing company after news emerged that he verbally abused a passenger. […]

What Are the Key Factors in Identifying the Cost of Background Checks

Your boss has requested that you put together a budget for your hiring expenses which will include a line item for the cost of employment background checks.

As you think about identifying the information you need to establish the cost for the employment background check line item, I encourage you to pause and think about what […]


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