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California Will Free Up to 8,000 Inmates to Limit Virus Spread

According to a Politico report, California Gov. Gavin Newsom will expedite the release of up to 8,000 inmates to limit the spread of the coronavirus among inmates and prison staff under an order that applies to inmates who have less than a year remaining in their sentences. The order does, however, prohibit the release of […]

Background Checks in the Age of Coronavirus

“The problem for those who are hiring, or are re-hiring laid-off workers, is how to conduct pre-hire due diligence and background checks when many courts, schools, and businesses are closed – resulting in employers and educational institutions unable to respond to verification requests,” Rosen writes in the whitepaper. In the whitepaper, Rosen discusses how Coronavirus […]

IBM Offers Best Practices for Managers During the COVID-19 Crisis

Employees across the country are seeking the guidance of their employers regarding mental health, work/life management, and productivity throughout the COVID-19 crisis, according to IBM HR Vice President Deb Bubb, chief leadership, learning, and inclusion officer. Bubb recommends engaging the team, becoming strategic, earning the team’s trust, being seen, and being your best, preparing for […]

How to Maintain Hiring and Background Checks Amid COVID-19

The closure of courts during the COVID-19 pandemic has created challenges in accessing criminal records for those looking to hire employees. There has been discussion about finding a “balanced risk,” with some leaning heavily on a national criminal background check, rather than a state- or jurisdiction-based model. This trade-off between fast and safe hiring is […]

Employment Screening Challenges Intensify Due to COVID-19

The employment background screening industry has been disrupted as employers adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic, with Corporate Screening reporting that its health care business and government-related business is up, while its energy and manufacturing have both declined by about 40 percent. In addition, Pamela Devata, a partner in Seyfarth Shaw, said that court closures and […]

COVID-19: What Should Employers Consider as They Adapt Their Background Screening Program?

The shift to remote work because of the COVID-19 pandemic has presented new risks that now need to be considered by employers, who have a legal duty to ensure that a prospective worker does not present a danger to the organization or its clients. Employers must avoid negligent hiring and once a hire is made, […]


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