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Reference Should Come from a Coworker Not Just a Boss

SkillSurvey recently undertook a large text analytics project that investigated open-ended comments from job references. The examination of 20,000 references reinforced the idea that references for a potential hire should come not only from former managers, but co-workers, as well. In areas of improvement, coworkers most often cited employees as being too helpful, poor at […]

Reference Checks: Just Not Enough: Criminal Background Check is Very Important Too

Sarah Baldeo of ISB Canada finds it interesting the number of human resource leaders who do not see any value in performing criminal background checks. Some, she said, regard them as being superfluous and believe that reference checks are sufficient when verifying information. Some have even made the argument that they can verify references through […]

5 Steps for Conducting Effective Reference Calls

Although most employers dismiss reference calls as an outdated and highly biased part of the screening process, they can provide invaluable insight that can’t be obtained through interviews and background checks. Businesses should start with a purpose by understanding what information they are seeking. They also should know the best person to talk to. Employers […]

How to Use a Professional Reference Check in the Hiring Process

Thinking about skipping the Professional Reference Check? Think again. Job applicants will go to great lengths to make a good impression and, while a Professional Reference Check may support the reasons this person is great, it can also reveal negative details your applicant may not disclose on his or her own. In fact, references are […]

Degree Verification Practices in 2016: A study by Personnel Screening Helpdesk

Personnel Screening Helpdesk conducted a study of the degree verification practices of major universities in the world. Out of the 50 sampled universities, 33 of them have outsourced their verification services to third party agents. These agents included the following: National Student Clearinghouse (“NSC”) (in the United States) Higher Education Degree Datacheck (“HEDD”) (in the […]

Free the Reference Check from its Bonds

Reference checks have been neglected, ostracized and even banned in some companies. It appears that reference checks are increasingly perceived as a liability to an organization, which has resulted in a direct contradiction; “We want to receive references but we won’t give them.” A reference check is the final step to ensure a great decision […]

An Employer’s Guide to Reference Checks: Preliminary Observations

By Barry Hartstein and Corinn Jackson, Littler Mendelson, P.C. Employers today are faced with a hiring conundrum. Employers desire as much information as possible about a candidate in order to make a well-informed hiring decision. Those very same employers, however, are frequently wary about releasing information about a former employee to a prospective employer based […]

How Reference Checks Can Help to Prevent Workplace Fraud

Employers are often stunned to find that a valued employee has been committing workplace fraud, but statistics show that it is often the most trusted employees who steal. Many of these employees are terminated without charges ever being filed, leaving them free to target the next company and trusting employer. Introducing these fraudsters into your […]

Relying on References in the Recruiting Process

When it comes to checking references, a recent survey has revealed surprising insights into just how closely HR leaders rely on the personal referees provided by applicants. Close to two thirds of respondents reported having contacted a referee who did not give positive feedback about the job applicant. In addition, a significant proportion of those […]

Legal Hot Water in Giving a Bad Reference

In cases where an employee’s contract was terminated for performance issues, it is unlikely HR would then provide a positive reference when contacted by any future employers. Yet, according to one workplace lawyer, providing a so-called ‘kiss-of-death’ style reference may be a ticket to legal hot water, including possible accusations of defamation, misrepresentation or an […]

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