35 and 3: How 35% of Verification Automation is Done with 3% of Your Labor

When breaking down the average CRA’s employment verification workload, it can be determined that about 35 percent of the orders can be completed using automated tools, while the other 65 percent require manual verification. This means that 65 percent of verifications must take place the old-fashioned way – through phone calls, leaving messages, waiting for a return call, etc., which could take a few days to complete. In fact, the average CRA could possibly dedicate about 97 percent of their labor to manual verification, with the other 3 percent going towards verifying resumes automatically. Outsourcing the manual search can allow CRAs to scale up and down quickly, according to the demands of the market; relieve CRAs of the burden of training new hires, and yield faster turnaround times and lower unable-to-verify rates.


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