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In the Age of Virtual Hiring, Remember the Reference Call

With virtual hiring on the rise, important steps of the hiring process are often skipped. Reference calls should not be one of them. This critical step is one-way recruiters and hiring managers can confirm what the candidate has shared with them, while also serving as a verification process for past job duties and skills.


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Reference Checks and Reputation Lessons from a CEO and Yarns of Referee Skullduggery

The reference check that comes with screening individuals is a critical step in the hiring process, but it can be difficult to know if an honest reference has been given. It can be hard to provide a negative review of someone’s work but doing so can help save a business’s bottom line. And in some […]

3 Helpful Ways to Avoid Employment Verification Backlogs

CRAs are responsible for completing employment verifications for thousands of employers, but sometimes difficulties presented by the process can be out of their control. There are several things that can be done to not only help the company take control of its verification orders, but also scale the CRA to take on and successfully complete […]

A List of Questions You Should Ask When Contacting References

Although reference checks are often overlooked, some jobs take this part of the application process very seriously. The interviewer should choose the right people to call and ask the right questions. Those conducting the interview should never ask for things that are protected by class information. What can – and should – be asked, however, […]

Atlanta-based Pruuvn Takes on Antiquated Hiring Verification Process for Gig Workers

Pruuvn, a new Atlanta-based data trust platform, aims to help companies verify information during the hiring and onboarding process. Its blockchain infrastructure uses Hyperledge Fabric to store static and personal information, ensuring that companies have easy access to hiring verification paperwork with each new hire. With a focus on “trusted relationships” within the gig economy, […]

I Hired Without Checking References. It Went Badly

Compromising during the hiring process on critical components, such as reference checks, can be detrimental to any business. When presented with a situation in which a candidate cannot provide timely or worthwhile references, hiring managers should 1. Seek more information regarding the reasons behind this from the candidate; take reservations to hire seriously; and when […]

The Rise of Consumer-Permissioned Data

Although lenders have been at the forefront of the consumer-permissioned data trend, consumer reporting agencies can benefit from pulling data for employment and education verifications in the same way. Benefits include significant cost savings, quicker turnaround time, and more accurate results. Third-party vendors can provide an opportunity for CRAs to allow applicants to grant access […]

Why Outsource Employment and Resume Verifications?

There are financial benefits to outsourcing some or all of a company’s employment verification work, such as cutting back on expenses like labor and time, office space, computer equipment, electricity, and other related costs. Roughly 65 percent of employment verifications require manual techniques, which requires phone calls, voicemails, and a lot of waiting, but outsourcing […]

35 and 3: How 35% of Verification Automation is Done with 3% of Your Labor

When breaking down the average CRA’s employment verification workload, it can be determined that about 35 percent of the orders can be completed using automated tools, while the other 65 percent require manual verification. This means that 65 percent of verifications must take place the old-fashioned way – through phone calls, leaving messages, waiting for […]

Top 4 Verifications Outsourcing Considerations

When answering the question of whether to outsource your employment verification services to a third party processor or staff up an in-house team, these are the important considerations:

Cost Per Verification
Scale and Time-to-Revenue
Legal & Compliance

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