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The Rise of Consumer-Permissioned Data

Although lenders have been at the forefront of the consumer-permissioned data trend, consumer reporting agencies can benefit from pulling data for employment and education verifications in the same way. Benefits include significant cost savings, quicker turnaround time, and more accurate results. Third-party vendors can provide an opportunity for CRAs to allow applicants to grant access […]

Why Outsource Employment and Resume Verifications?

There are financial benefits to outsourcing some or all of a company’s employment verification work, such as cutting back on expenses like labor and time, office space, computer equipment, electricity, and other related costs. Roughly 65 percent of employment verifications require manual techniques, which requires phone calls, voicemails, and a lot of waiting, but outsourcing […]

35 and 3: How 35% of Verification Automation is Done with 3% of Your Labor

When breaking down the average CRA’s employment verification workload, it can be determined that about 35 percent of the orders can be completed using automated tools, while the other 65 percent require manual verification. This means that 65 percent of verifications must take place the old-fashioned way – through phone calls, leaving messages, waiting for […]

Top 4 Verifications Outsourcing Considerations

When answering the question of whether to outsource your employment verification services to a third party processor or staff up an in-house team, these are the important considerations: Cost Per Verification Scale and Time-to-Revenue Expertise Legal & Compliance Download the report

The Importance of Reference Checking – Plus Questions You Need to Be Asking

A reference check can provide hiring managers with meaningful insight into the candidate, including both positive and negative attributes and histories. The process allows employers to verify resumes, cover letters, and interviews, while also opening up an opportunity to learn more about the candidate through other professionals. It is important to use the reference check […]

What are Employment Reference Checks?

Although both are important, there is a big difference between an employment reference check and a pre-employment background check. An employment reference check involves calling the listed professional and/or personal contacts to confirm details like dates of employment, pay history, job title, and nature of the job once held.   Read more

Are You Hiring Charlatans?

A new Checkster study has revealed that 78 percent of applicants who took part in a survey misrepresent themselves and 66 percent of hiring managers are willing to accept these lapses in ethics. Common lies include made-up revelation experiences, false reasons for leaving a job, using a director title when the actual title was a […]

Reference Checking: To Automate or Not

According to Checkster Research, employers should be completing four reference checks on any candidate before hiring him or her. But a reference check is only as good as its structure, which should include: asking the right questions; listening carefully to the answers, especially what isn’t said; following up on what seems like obfuscation or glossing […]

Handling Candidate Data Will Be Under the Spotlight in 2019

In the second article in a two-part series, Roy Maurer of the Society for Human Resource Management, points out that data-breach protection, information security and compliance with privacy laws are at the top of the list for those managing employment screening in 2019. Les Rosen, founder and CEO of Employment Screening Resources, blames the data […]

Asking for Employer References – What Can You Ask, And When? GDPR and Other Legal Considerations

Although there is no standardised reference request, a few common questions include a confirmation of dates of employment (start and end date); a confirmation of the last job role in the company; salary; job responsibility; any issues of misconduct; a character reference; absence records; relationships with management and co-workers; rehire considerations; and the reason for […]


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