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How Employee Monitoring Keeps Schools Safe

In the U.S., students spend 8,884 hours on average completing primary and secondary lower education. This means that students spend an overwhelming amount of their key developmental years with their peers and teachers, as well as school faculty and staff members. Growing up, the people with whom we spend the most time unquestionably affect the […]

The Value of Incarceration Data in Continuous Monitoring Solutions

As employers seek to ensure the safety and integrity of their workplaces, customers, and communities, the background screening industry has explored more efficient ways to monitor workforces and mitigate person-based risk. In recent years, background screening companies have begun utilizing true continuous monitoring solutions that provide alerts immediately following an incarceration, court appearance, or conviction. […]

The Hard Truth About What a Typical Monitoring Solution Might Really Be Costing End Users

Although it is important for all end-user/employers to sign up for a monitoring solution that can alert them of any arrest or jail bookings, it can be difficult to know what to do should such an incident arise. The employer’s HR department should begin the steps of tracking the affected employee, order new court records […]


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