The Value of Incarceration Data in Continuous Monitoring Solutions

As employers seek to ensure the safety and integrity of their workplaces, customers, and communities, the background screening industry has explored more efficient ways to monitor workforces and mitigate person-based risk. In recent years, background screening companies have begun utilizing true continuous monitoring solutions that provide alerts immediately following an incarceration, court appearance, or conviction. Continuous monitoring is the process by which employers can proactively identify and manage potential problems within their organization – a solution that strengthens company brands, protects employees and customers, and encourages consistent, positive communication between employers and their employees.

Beyond a pre-hire background screen or a post-hire periodic rescreen, continuous monitoring allows employers to be informed at the earliest point of possible intervention about an employee arrest.

Continuous monitoring can benefit businesses beyond just keeping threats out. It can be a tool for improved communication with employees and an impetus for employee assistance in appropriate cases. Background screeners can do more than manage and reduce workforce risk. Timely incarceration alerts, or the initial report of potential criminal activity collected from correctional facilities, give employers the opportunity to identify “yellow light” events and provide counseling, training, and other forms of assistance to their employees.

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