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Fewer Job Postings Demanded Background Checks in 2017

Using the databases of more than 700 million current and historical job postings, Burning Glass Technologies looked at the percentage of job postings that required a background check going back to 2012 to determine the likelihood of employers to demand screenings in job postings. Across all occupations, the percentage dropped from 8.7% in 2012 to […]

Devin Patrick Kelley: Failure of a Single Source Database

Several flaws, including the reliance on a single source database, exist within the government’s background screening process. Creating a comprehensive screening that includes more than one source ensures that, when one source fails, another steps in to pick up on important details. These searches should include a National Criminal Database, the National Sex Offender Registry […]

This is How to Spot a Lie on a Resume

The number of respondents who claim to know someone who lied on a resume has increased by 25% since 2011, according to research from Robert Hall’s OfficeTeam. Some red flags for dishonest details on a resume include: 1. Date discrepancies, 2. Lack of degree specification, 3. Short stints at big names, 4. Big jumps, 5. […]

How Employee Background Verification Impacts the Culture of an Organisation

With the anticipation of India as one of the world’s fastest-growing economies, the need for background verification checks has increased after one individual was found to have falsified his resume. The hiring company has faced an increase in workplace crimes of theft, sexual harassment and other types of concern. One individual, for instance, was found […]

Does the EU’s New Personal Data Regulation Put Your Company at Risk? Quickly Assess Your Liability with These 31 Questions

Set to go into effect on May 25, the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) could cost global businesses fines of up to 4 percent of annual global revenue or €20 million Euros, whichever is greater. It has been reported that a large portion of executive officers in the United States remain in the dark […]

Who’s Coming Into Your Home? Tampa Bay Area Subcontractor Caught Stealing

A Pasco County, Fla., couple assumed Lutz-based E and W Carpet was checking on who was coming into their home, it wasn’t the case. A one-carat diamond was removed from a ring in her home by the contractor whose criminal history dates back to the 1990s, including traffic incidents, drug charges, battery and grand theft. […]

7 Steps to GDPR for US Companies

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) ensures that data subjects have greater control over their personal information, but it creates drastic changes to data privacy for anyone who is in the European Union and for any company that retains EU customer data. With a deadline set for May 2018, United States-based multinational enterprises doing business […]

Can Ex-Cons Ease the Labor Shortage?

As reported by the National Bureau of Economic Research, the United States economy has entered its 98th month of expansion. Even so, several states are facing declining populations despite their booming industries. This could indicate the use of ineffective means to hire – placing ads, indicating the needed skills and offering the wage they want […]

Demystifying Employment Background Checks

While employers understand the repercussions of neglecting to properly follow through with pre-employment screening and background checks, it can be difficult to keep up with the fundamentals to help guide hiring decisions. This legal process is mandated by the Fair Credit Reporting Act, which protects candidates from breaches of privacy, falsely reported information and/or discrimination. […]

Five Tips to Get Your Employment Checks Right

There is no doubt that conducting the proper background screening program can help an organization mitigate risk and ensure that the best candidate is chosen for a position, but what if you are missing crucial pieces to your process? In their e-book, Background Checks for Dummies: APAC Edition, HireRight explains that each screening should be […]

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