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Checking People: Why a Background Review Service Could Save Your Company

“Sins of omission” take place all too often on applications and resumes. In fact, one report found that almost 60 percent of all resumes included incorrect, misleading, or otherwise false information. A seemingly innocent act, these types of errors could lead to “negligent hiring,” the cause of countless lawsuits occurring when a company hires an […]

Six Common Elements of a Pre-Employment Background Check

Background checks can help employers avoid the liability and potential monetary losses involved with hiring the wrong person and, while there are common pre-employment background check packages, the approach should be specific to each business. Possible options for inclusion in a check include criminal history, employment verifications, education verifications, professional licenses and certifications, references, motor […]

Applicant Background checking the Fast and Frivolous

A big-ticket question in the background checking world is whether speedy results compromise the quality of the results. There are a few situations in which the consumer should be wary, including when Instant Credit Reports are promised without a compliance inspection, the guarantee of instant results when checking Sex Offender Registries, and early access to […]

Are Candidates Telling You Their Real Employment History?

The interview process is the time to confirm a candidate’s employment history. Dig deeper by asking questions about the companies for which the individual has worked, positions that were held, including hours worked, their average workweek, and tasks performed. Verifying these details before making the hire can help ensure the person can actually do the […]

Beware of Bad Info on Websites Offering One-Stop Background Checks

How accurate is the information pulled together by businesses that claim to be a one-stop shop in pulling together personal information? Investigators have discovered that it isn’t. Information commonly includes incorrect ages, non-existent relatives and even criminal records that don’t exist. Cigent cybersecurity expert Evan Lutz doesn’t recommend worrying too much about inaccurate details, but, […]

6 Common Reasons for Failing a Background Check

In order to make the best decisions for the entire work team, it is important to understand why someone might fail a background check, which could involve six factors. Although a criminal history is often a red flag, taking the time to understand the unique situation is important. Other components involve false credentials, a poor […]

Can an Employee Background Check Discover an Unmentioned Previous Employer?

A prospective employer could check several things before deciding if an applicant is the right person to hire, including employment history and work experience, so it’s important to be sure accurate information is provided on the application and resume. If an applicant lacks work experience, it is important to address the reasons he or she […]

What are pre-employment background checks?

Background checks are commonplace before making a hire and can help reduce the mystery in the hiring process for employers, but it’s important to conduct it properly and use the correct services. A comprehensive background check will reveal any convicted felonies and misdemeanors, judgments and records from the FBI, Homeland Security, Drug Enforcement Administration and […]

What are the Differences Between Self-Run and Third-Party Background Checks?

Third-party companies are well-versed in running reliable, legal background checks on employment candidates. Perhaps the most important aspect of using this type of company is the compliance to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) regulations. Running a quick online “people search” is not advisable, as many sites are not FCRA compliant, possibly leading to legal […]

The Body Shop is Cutting Background Checks; Do the Risks Outweigh the Benefits?

The Body Shop has become one of the first retail businesses to begin hiring in a way that completely eliminates human bias. Those who successfully complete an apprenticeship will receive employment opportunities and to be eligible, they must answer yes to three simple questions: Can you legally work in the United States? Can you lift […]


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