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How Background Screening Can Lead to Great Hires

The pre-employment background check can help HR managers gain a more complete picture of a potential employee, but it is important to approach screening with the support of qualified experts since the legal landscape of employment protection and privacy litigation is constantly changing. Background check professionals must comply with regulations and requirements surrounding criminal records, […]

Common Mistakes When Conducting Background Checks

There is no denying the value of conducting a comprehensive background check, but there are common mistakes that should be considered. Some of them include not conducting any (criminal) background checks, applying background checks only to full-time employees, not adapting the background check for the position involved, not conducting any verification on employment history or […]

The Most Common Red Flags in Background Checks

A few red flags that are important to recognize prior to hiring include inconsistencies and false education credentials. HR professionals should also be on alert when an applicant is reluctant to give consent if a professional reference does not hold strong recommendations when a history of criminal activity is discovered when false information about previous […]

Background checks take center stage for today’s recruitment pros

As recruiters and talent acquisition professionals scramble to hire new talent, one of the more important but unsung aspects of this lengthy procedure—the candidate background screening often left to the very end of the hiring process—has never been more critical.

An estimated 95% of American employers conduct some form of a background check. Some to verify application […]

Another Busy Year for Employment Purposed Background Checks: What Happened in 2021?

With businesses remaining the target in Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) class action lawsuits, employers should evaluate the background check process to ensure compliance with the FCRA, similar state fair credit reporting statutes, and substantive employment laws. In addition, employers should consider a privileged review of their background screening practices to ensure compliance with ban-the-box […]

Why Businesses Should Background Check All Employees

Some businesses may argue that only executive-level employees should be screened before the start of employment, but mitigating risks means thoroughly vetting the entire workforce, including those on the front lines. Background checks can stop the cycle of making a bad hire by revealing high-risk information, like prior criminal records, falsified employment history, and suspended […]

Hiring Without Performing Background Checks? Bad Idea

There are countless stories in the news that confirm the importance of conducting a thorough background check before hiring a nanny or babysitter. This simple step could save families from dangerous situations and significant financial loss. An increase of parents asking for background checks on their nannies took place after a nanny stabbed two New […]

Don’t Skip the Background Check!

When screening for a childcare provider, such as a nanny or babysitter, it is important to check their ID, ask for references, verify employment history, check them out on Google and social media, and verify education and certifications. Most parents offer excuses for not running a background check. These include 1. Trusting the recommendation of […]

Checking People: Why a Background Review Service Could Save Your Company

“Sins of omission” take place all too often on applications and resumes. In fact, one report found that almost 60 percent of all resumes included incorrect, misleading, or otherwise false information. A seemingly innocent act, these types of errors could lead to “negligent hiring,” the cause of countless lawsuits occurring when a company hires an […]

Six Common Elements of a Pre-Employment Background Check

Background checks can help employers avoid the liability and potential monetary losses involved with hiring the wrong person and, while there are common pre-employment background check packages, the approach should be specific to each business. Possible options for inclusion in a check include criminal history, employment verifications, education verifications, professional licenses and certifications, references, motor […]


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