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How Your Background Check Can Power Your HR Transformation

There are several challenges associated with background checking strong applicants that introduce quite a few potential negatives for what should be a positive experience for the candidate. There’s the mystery behind the process, which is often completed in a manual, outdated way, leading to extra time that could drive candidates away. Some of the goals […]

Did That Mall Santa Undergo a Background Check? A New Bill Would Demand It

It soon could be mandatory for those employed as a children’s character to complete a background check in the state of New York. Employers would be required to run a person’s name through child abuse and sex offender registries and knowingly hiring an offender would be a Class A misdemeanor. If signed into law, the […]

A Quick Guide on How to Select a Drug & Alcohol Screening Provider

No two companies are alike and similarly, no two company’s drug testing programs are likely to be the same A drug test involves various stages leading up to final result and there are professional providers for each phase of the drug testing process. These providers include: Device manufacturers Specimen collectors (for urine, oral fluid, and […]

Over 6,000 City Employees Haven’t Had Background Checks Due to Backlog

Department of Investigation Commissioner Margaret Garnett testified at a City Council budget hearing that she is concerned by the number of background checks on backlog, especially for employees who have open Department of Investigation background investigations that have yet to be concluded. Four agencies account for 37 percent of the backlog – the municipal hospital […]

Employer Obligations When Using Third Parties to Conduct Background Checks

Employers who use third parties to conduct employment background checks should consider their obligations under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) to avoid possible liabilities. The FCRA applies to consumer reporting agencies that produce consumer reports, including credit reports, criminal history reports and driving records. Before these reports are obtained, employers must first provide applicants […]

Best Practices for Improving Your Speed-to-Hire 

From posting an open position to background screening and interviewing, hiring employees can be a difficult process. It helps to be prepared with some best practices. First, make sure the job posting is informative and direct; monitor applicants and jump quickly on those who are qualified; keep an eye out for qualified candidates who are […]

Eliminating the Fear of the Background Check: A Beginner’s Guide to Background Checks for Candidates 

Background checks don’t just assist the employer in avoiding a wrong hire, they offer benefits to the candidate, as well, by eliminating employment at a company that isn’t the right fit for your needs and wants. It can be helpful to know exactly what an employer is looking at when conducting a screening. Items of […]

Importance of Employee Background Screening for Small Business

Background screening is an incredibly important step in the hiring process, but there are a few considerations business owners should consider before taking the appropriate actions. It is important to first define the reason for conducting the screening so that the aim reveals necessary information, such as drug-related details or criminal and driving records. This […]

Churches Ramp Up Background Checks to Ensure Safety

Background screening company LifeWay has been adding about 160 customers per month since teaming up with, according to staff person Jennie Morris. Part of the growth is credited to a $10 price point for a search that includes nationwide sex offender registry, various terrorist watch lists, more than 600 million felony, misdemeanor and traffic records […]

Background Checks What Employers Need to Know

When making personnel decisions – including hiring, retention, promotion, and reassignment – employers sometimes want to consider the backgrounds of applicants and employees. For example, some employers might try to find out about the person’s work history, education, criminal record, financial history, medical history, or use of social media. Except for certain restrictions related to […]

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