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5 Trends in Construction Worker Background Checks

Those in the construction business understand the importance of background screening candidates to create a safe working environment, but it is important to understand developments in laws and regulations. These five tends are key areas that will lead to significant change in the coming months: increasing regulations on marijuana screening, updates to the Fair Credit […]

UPS Background Check

UPS completes a background check on each of its employees, but the process can vary, depending on the job. The background screening process is less strict for someone seeking employment in the warehouse than for drivers and warehouse supervisor positions. Background screening is specifically looking to confirm a candidate’s identity and verify most recent employment, […]

Goodbye SF-86? OMB Approves New ‘Personal Vetting Questionnaire’

The Standard Form-86 will soon be replaced with the Personnel Vetting Questionnaire (PVQ) in November. The questionnaire, approved by the Office of Management and Budget, consolidates the SF-86 and several other vetting questionnaires used for federal jobs and continues an effort to de-stigmatize mental health treatment for individuals with a security clearance. The Defense Counterintelligence […]

Build an effective screening program

Whether you are completely new to employment background screening or just want a quick refresher, HireRight’s updated Dummies Guide to Employment Background Screening is for you!

This introductory guide uses simple language – cutting out the jargon – and highlights helpful tips and important information throughout each chapter, making it an invaluable resource to anybody wanting to […]

What is Employee Background Check?

Employee background checks include a review of criminal, personal, social, financial, and employment records of job candidates. Completing a background check is important for reducing business risk. A few steps to follow when conducting a proper and legal employee background check include adhering to a consistent policy, getting legal advice, inquiring with the candidates, only […]

Background Screening Best Practices

In this ebook, we will answer some of the more common questions that employers have about background checks to arm them with some information that might guide them in deciding whether to implement a screening tool in their current pre-hire process.

Background checks can provide potential employers with essential information about applicants that often is not […]

Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee Adopts Code of Conduct, Commits to ‘Due Diligence’ Vetting Prospective Hires

The Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee will now adhere to a new vetting process for prospective hires at the director’s level and above. Members unanimously adopted a new code of conduct and a commitment to investigate the backgrounds and credentials of staff hires. Applicants below the director’s level will continue to be vetted by prospective […]

Unlock the Power of Informed Decision-Making: Background Screening Best Practices for Insurance Companies

This eBook delves into the intricate world of background screening, specifically tailored for insurance companies. Building a trustworthy and reliable workforce is paramount in the fast-paced and highly regulated world of insurance. The success of insurance companies hinges on the integrity and professionalism of their producers.

Industry experts have meticulously crafted this guide to address the […]

The Importance of Background Checks in the Security Industry

Through a background check, employers obtain the information they need to make informed decisions about who they hire and how they manage their security operations. Potential security risks are red-flagged before they become a problem. Background checks can also help employers assess an individual’s qualifications for a security position and identify any potential conflicts of […]

Pre-Employment Background Checks: Considerations for Employers When Screening Prospective Employees

Pre-employment background checks help employers verify important details before a candidate begins the job. This includes education, professional licenses and certifications, prior employment, personal references, and criminal history. Although there are benefits to conducting pre-employment screening, there are also restrictions that must be considered, such as Title VII, the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), and […]


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