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Get Ready for Rolling Background Checks at Work

Uber Technologies Inc. is among a growing number of United States employers who have added background checks for existing workers to the existing practice for pre-employment screening. According to Scott Hall, chairman and chief operating officer of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners, membership in the organization more than quadrupled last year. The Chicago […]

Defense Contractors Face New Insider Threat Rule

Federal contractors that require U.S. government security clearances for their employees face new insider threat monitoring rules that will require them to keep track of their workers and what they are doing outside of the job. Changes in the National Industrial Security Operating Manual set to take effect Nov. 30 mean contractors will have to create a […]

Are You Running Annual Background Checks

While conducting a background check on new employees after a contingent offer of employment is an effective screening tool, it is equally important to implement a re-screening process into a company’s policies and procedures. Doing so is the only way to protect the company and to learn about criminal misconduct of a current employee. Re-screening […]

Background Screening Shouldn’t Be a One-Time Thing

Performing pre-employment background checks is an important step in protecting employees and assets, but, unfortunately, the process often stops too soon. Never revisiting the screening process can leave businesses wide open to future problems. Safe Hiring Solutions recommends taking the background screening process to the next level by setting up a program of ongoing checks. […]

Rinse and Repeat: Re-Screening as Part of Your Hiring and Retention Procedures

It has been recommended that companies should place importance on post-hire screening that could raise red flags regarding criminal activities after the start of employment. Larger companies should consider deep-dive background checks on an annual basis of their key individuals to eliminate the possibility of serious charges like fraud and embezzlement. Read more

Post-Hire Background Screening Checklist

Companies could face serious consequences if they do not perform after-hire background screenings to reveal crimes that have been committed after the start of employment. Post-hire screening should include a check of the industry standards, extra precautions with vulnerable populations, following a schedule, screening before promotion, double checking FCRA compliance, and conducting a comprehensive screening. […]

Rinse and Repeat: Re-Screening as Part of Your Hiring and Retention Procedures

You invest time and money in pre-employment background checks to ensure you know who you’re hiring. But what if something were to happen after the person was hired, how would you know? While many employers rely on self-reporting policies, you may only find out there’s a problem when it’s too late. Take into consideration that […]

Post-Hire Background Screening Checklist

While companies place most of their focus on conducting pre-employment background screenings, conducting a post-hire screening can provide huge benefits to companies with new hires. The screening can help reduce negligent retention and maintains workplace safety by discovering criminal activity that has taken place since the hire. Begin the process with steps like checking industry […]

Rinse and Repeat: Re-screening as Part of Your Hiring and Retention Procedures

Pre-employment background checks are an important part of the hiring process, but employers like Epix cable television network are beginning to understand the value of an annual re-screening process to uncover anything that may have taken place after a hire or behind-the-scenes. A deep-dive background check is recommended to reveal important details like issues with […]

Should Post-Hire Employee Screening as a Practice Become Mandatory?

Most of the organizations today perform employee screening “only” as part of its pre-hire process. The assumption is this mitigates the risk the company might have to face in terms of cost of bad hires, fraudulent employees and such. Just a one-time employee screening – is that enough? Jobs today require much more scrutiny than […]

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