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Post-Employment Screening – What is it?

Although conducting a pre-employment screening is commonplace for most employers, the practice of post-employment screening is becoming more and more popular. Repeating checks can alert employers of changes in criminal activity, but also can reveal any recent convictions, which can be very important for those in positions of trust, such as the handling of large […]

Rescreen your employees to safeguard your business

Most companies do an excellent job of screening their candidates to mitigate risks, but they are strapping themselves up for surprises when they lack the frequent rescreening of their employees. As robust as a background check can be, it is only valid at that point in time, before the hire. A 2018 survey shared with SHRM by […]

Continuous Monitoring with FACIS Means Access to a Comprehensive Data Source with Real-Time Results

Automated monitoring with systems like FACIS® (Fraud Abuse Control Information System) is integral forthose in the healthcare setting to prevent things like fraud, negligence or abuse. After initial screening for employment or engagement, continuous monitoring for exclusions, sanctions, debarments and disciplinary actions against government-funded programs and recipients of entitlement programs ensure safety. In 2007, the […]

The State of HR Technology India 2019-20

The HR technology market in India is changing at a faster rate than ever. To better understand how organizations are adapting to the digital transformation, a study, People Matters’ State of HR Technology India 2019-20, has been released. The study engaged with more than 250 respondents from 208 companies, revealing that “the levels of automation […]

New Zealand: High at Work: Will Rights of Employers Change if Cannabis if Legalised?

Although the government has confirmed that a referendum will be held at the general election next year on whether cannabis should be legalised, employers are under no obligation to accept an employee’s impairment while on the job. Employers will no longer be able to argue that cannabis is an illegal substance to justify low or […]

7 Compliance Considerations When Implementing a Continuous Monitoring Program

There is no denying the value in implementing continuous monitoring programs that not only make CRAs more competitive and successful, but create safer workplaces and communities. Before this step can be taken, however, there are a few key factors that should be considered. Working closely with legal counsel will ensure that amended hiring and employment […]

Why Your Business Should Implement Workforce Monitoring

Businesses have no shortage of policies in place to protect their customers and their bottom line. Especially as companies grow, they safeguard what’s important. And yet, when it comes to background screening, many employers are missing the full picture. Research from has revealed that nearly all U.S. companies, 96 percent, enlist the expertise of […]

Filling the Gap Between Background Checks

There is a flaw in background screening. The process only captures a moment in time. Whether you screen someone as part of the pre-employment process or check on their background a decade after you’ve hired them, even the most effective background screening can only report on what’s on record at that moment. The day after […]

3 Cultural Considerations Before Rolling Out a Continuous Background Screening Program

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) named continuous background screening as a top employment screening trend for 2019. While there are certainly benefits to conducting recurring background checks, employers must remain sensitive to cultural impact. Consider these three aspects when thinking about post-hire screenings: Ensure that employees are aware of the re-screening to avoid […]

Technology for Good: Using Data Science to Validate Appriss-Sourced Incarceration Data

Technology experts and data scientists at Appriss recently conducted a study that aimed to assess the quality of the incarceration data collected by Appriss Safety in association with its proprietary automated victim notification service, Victim Information and Notification Everyday (VINE). Data was compared to incarceration data collected by the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) Annual […]

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