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The Importance of Continuous Employment Screening in APAC

Learn how adopting continuous screening practices can help employers minimize insider threats and security risks. Here’s what you’ll gain from this White Paper: ·        What insider threats are and when they occur.  ·        How understanding the driving factors of these attacks can help businesses identify risks easier.  ·        The trends of insider threats currently impacting the […]

Court Record Monitoring: What We’ve Learned

By: Bruce Myers and Bryan Snow A year ago, Wholesale Screening launched what we thought was a groundbreaking, industry-changing solution to address one of the hottest topics in human capital risk today. Unlike traditional arrest records-based monitoring, our continuous court records monitoring solution helps companies avoid negligent retention liability by providing actionable, authoritative information. We’ve learned a lot over […]

Welcome to the Next-Gen of Monitoring

By Bruce Myers | 11th June 2020 Remember when the Blackberry was the ultimate smartphone? When MySpace ruled social media? Or when everyone had a Hotmail account? How about when TV was broadcast in real-time and you had to be on the couch in time to catch your favorite show? When movies were rented from a store? […]

All DOD Clearance Holders Will Be Under Continuous Vetting by Year’s End

The Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency (DCASA) has noted that all security clearance holders will be under its Continuous Vetting (CV)/Continuous Evaluation program by year’s end. Officials with the DCASA and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) provided updates on Trusted Workforce 2.0. CV enrollment remains the key piece of Trusted Workforce […]

The Growing Demand for Continuous Workforce Monitoring

With the country seeing a rise in the need for gig employees and with businesses fluctuating between furloughs, layoffs, and rehires, ongoing screening and monitoring have increased in importance. Where permitted by law, workforce mitigating allows businesses to mitigate the risk of workplace violence, fraud, theft, and liability by providing immediate alerts of employee conduct. […]

Why We Need to Re-Screen Employees Now

According to the Crime Statistics Agency, family violence increased by 9.4 percent in 2020 to 92,521 in Victoria, anticipated by “family stresses.” In addition, drug offenses increased by 20 percent, sex offenses by 10.2 percent, and thousands of fines were issued for “breaches of health directives.” This “pressure cooker environment” has been created by COVID-19 […]

Continuous Background Screening: An Effective Workplace Safety Tool for Healthcare Employers

Learn how continuous criminal history checks allow healthcare employers to make highly informed employment retention decisions and demonstrate their commitment to workplace and patient safety. Highlights a Real-life Example We include a case study that examines an actual crisis faced by a large U.S. health system and evaluates the solution that best served them. Only Checking […]

What Employers Need to Know Before Implementing Continuous Screening

Continuous screening, or infinity screening, allows a company to stay informed of incidents occurring after an employee’s hire date in order to protect the public, their customers, and their employees. But employers should consider a few factors before implementing it as part of a screening program, including consent requirements, the accuracy of databases, Fair Credit […]

Remote Hiring Now and in the Future

Labour Force Survey data, released by Statistics Canada, has revealed that working from home continues to increase, as does remote hiring. The pandemic has caused businesses to rethink ways of doing business and adapting modern approaches to hiring, onboarding, and employing. Although unemployment rates in Canada are expected to fall in 2021, workplace safety should […]

Surveillance Comes in Many Forms: The Rise of Continuous Screening and Monitoring to Curb Employee Hiring Risk

Today’s companies face significant threats, encompassing fraud and embezzlement; internal theft of property; data braches; identity theft; workplace violence; negligent hiring; qualification fraud; and domestic terrorism. Many businesses are putting their focus on monitoring employee behavior outside of the workplace in order to better handle potential problems that could be brought into the business. Continuous […]


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