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Where’s the Beef in Your Monitoring Solution?

A recently completed 10-week continuous monitoring study of a specific employee population in the transportation industry. Read more

How Does Continuous Criminal Monitoring Work?

Continuous Criminal Monitoring allows Consumer Reporting Agencies (CRA) to enter into profitable long-term contracts with customers to monitor employees throughout the tenure of their employment. The process alerts employers in real-time to criminal activity within their workforce population and eliminates the need and uncertainty of spot-checking employee status. Most CRAs pull from a national data […]

Continuous Monitoring of Employees Gaining Traction

Cases of negligent hiring or retention in recent years have created a spike in interest in continuous monitoring (CM). In addition, another reason for the likely growth of the industry, according to Jason Morris, founder of EmployeeScreenIQ, is the emergence of the ban-the-box laws in U.S. states and cities. When CM is in place, employers […]

Is Continuous Screening the Key to a Complete Return-to-Work Safety Plan Amid COVID-19?

Around the country, businesses are beginning to reopen following the COVID-19 pandemic, but the landscape is much different. It is now important for companies to consider new ways to get employees back to work safely, but focusing only on health risks rather than designing a comprehensive plan is not the answer. Crime, especially domestic violence, […]

Continuous Criminal Monitoring Contractor Networks

Continuous monitoring, an ongoing process of reviewing an employee’s criminal record, is a proactive solution to monitor potential criminal activity. The process uses the individual’s name, date of birth, and SSN to access near-real-time incarceration data for United States booking records from county jails and Department of Corrections facilities, which flag internal threats and safety […]

The Difference Between Actual Safety and Perceived Safety

Businesses have legal, ethical, and fiduciary responsibilities to maintain high standards of safety. But the perception of safety is just as important in maintaining trust, brand loyalty, and credibility with customers and employees. Employers face several challenges, though, including the recognition that employees are unique in their personalities, motivators, and stressors; changing work models that […]

Here’s Why Workplace Safety Requires Continuous Vigilance

Background checks during the pre-screening stage have become a standard procedure during the hiring process. Even so, it is important for employers to consider what happens after the initial pre-screen. An employee’s criminal background status may not always remain the same and if a change occurs, the employer oftentimes never knows. This potentially exposes them […]

Continuous Screening of Employees Will Gain More Acceptance as Critical Post-Hire Due Diligence Tool

While most companies currently perform background screening on employees once at the pre-hire stage, “the new normal may call for continuous, post-hire monitoring” in the near future to avoid insider threats, according to a Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) article. The fact that Continuous Screening is a process that more employers are considering as […]

Tips for Re-screening Employees After a Merger or Acquisition

Acquisitions and mergers are a common occurrence in today’s business world fueling growth and profitability, expanded market share and the introduction of new products and services. There are many items to be checked off on the “to do” list during the merger process from the organizational side, but what about the human factor? Reasons for […]

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