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Technology for Good: Using Data Science to Validate Appriss-Sourced Incarceration Data

Technology experts and data scientists at Appriss recently conducted a study that aimed to assess the quality of the incarceration data collected by Appriss Safety in association with its proprietary automated victim notification service, Victim Information and Notification Everyday (VINE). Data was compared to incarceration data collected by the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) Annual […]

Implementing a Continuous Arrest Monitoring Program in Your Workplace

Using real-time criminal activity monitoring allows employers to ensure the safety and integrity of their workplaces, customers and overall community. But implementing this continuous screening can be tricky, so it’s important to become familiar with a few best practices surrounding the topic. First, become familiar with specific employee consent requirements, such as the Fair Credit […]

3 Cultural Considerations Before Rolling Out a Continuous Background Screening Program 

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) named continuous background screening as a top employment screening trend for 2019. While there are certainly benefits to conducting recurring background checks, employers must remain sensitive to cultural impact. Consider these three aspects when thinking about post-hire screenings: Ensure that employees are aware of the re-screening to avoid […]

Continuous integritybackground screening: Why organizations should consider this risk mitigation tactic

Many companies conduct their screening only when somebody is hired, rather than throughout the entire tenure of an employee. This is where many companies have a gap in their security risk management practices. Read More


A well-designed screening, verification and continuous monitoring program for your entire workforce, affiliates and vendors protects an organization by minimizing risk, improving patient safety and ultimately creates a competitive advantage. Read More

Background Screening 2.0: How Continuous Monitoring Can Protect Your Brand

A study conducted by First Advantage last year revealed that 72% of HR professionals conduct pre-employment background screens to protect brand reputation, 62% to protect the business from theft and 64% to protect employees against workplace violence. Career Builder estimated that the average cost of a bad hire is $17,000, but what happens after an […]

Excons Need Not Apply: Are We Creating A New Underclass That Is Not Able To Get A Job?

The U.S. locks up more people than any other nation, and therefore releases more people from prison each year – more than 650,000 per year (120,000 per year in L.A. County alone). And with a job market that increasingly locks out people with criminal convictions experts say it is no wonder that nearly 70% of […]

Hawaii’s High Court Has Ruled That A Company Wrongfully Fired An Employee Based on Prior Criminal Record

Hawaii ‘s Supreme court said that an employee’s conviction must bear a rational relationship to the employee’s job before it can take action. Wright, a Home Depot employee with about one year tenure applied for a promotion to department supervisor. During the review period for the promotion, Wright was tested for drugs twice. Both test […]

Nuclear Regulatory Commission to Address Rescreening of Employees

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has issued a final rule requiring that those who have access to nuclear safeguards information—defined as sensitive, unclassified, security-related data—be fingerprinted and undergo an FBI criminal records check. Under the rule, those who have completed a background check within the past five years or who have an active security clearance […]

Embezzling Cases Are On The Rise

People in all corporate ranks — even longtime, trusted employees — are now being charged with embezzlement, police and prosecutors say — after simply slipping cash from the till or creating an elaborate cover-up that allows them to steal from their employers for years. Raleigh County Prosecuting Attorney Larry Frail said embezzlement cases compared to […]

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