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6 Best Practices for Implementing a Continuous Monitoring Program

The most recent Cisive Insights: Talent Screening Trends 2021, which includes the input of more than 1,500 worldwide human resources, talent acquisition, compliance and recruitment professionals, has indicated that most of the background checks introduced in 2020 consisted of ongoing or continuous monitoring. In today’s hybrid work world, this requires establishing the same process for […]

How Often Should You Run Continuous Background Checks On Your Contractor and Vendor Network?

While the process of performing a background screen on potential employees before making the hire is an important piece of the hiring process, continuous background checks can help alert an organization if someone is engaged in an activity that might bring risk to the business. Running a background check every two years can allow a […]

Taking an Employee-focused Approach to Continuous Monitoring

With the safety of employees and customers in mind, many employers are turning to unique and innovative ways to protect themselves against person-based risk. One such solution is continuous monitoring, which provides alerts immediately following justice involvement, including incarceration events. These alerts enable employers to identify and intervene in emerging problems, providing an opportunity to […]

New Continuous Background Checks Will Take a Deeper Look at Your Personal Life

Background checks are typically a part of the screening process before bringing someone on board, but artificial intelligence and the growing popularity of continuous screening have raised some ethical questions regarding an employee’s private life. Although most background screening companies will argue that the use of AI helps eliminate bias while raising red flags, others […]

How Often Should You Run Continuous Background Checks on Your Contractor and Vendor Network?

Continuous background checking could raise flags about behaviors and information that may change after an individual has been hired that brings risk to the organization. A rescreen cycle of two years could turn up important incidents involving drug use, criminal activity, or motor vehicle situations. The two-year timeframe allows for the time it might take […]

Continuous Criminal Monitoring: A One-Year Case Study

Pre-employment background checking can certainly give an employer a good idea of whether the potential employee is being truthful, but continuous criminal monitoring can provide real-time alerts regarding arrest, incarceration, or a booking event, adding an extra layer of protection. Implementing this type of screening can provide alerts for things like domestic violence, larceny, assault, […]

An Intro to Workforce Monitoring: Continuous Criminal Monitoring

Although the majority of companies today have a pre-employment background checking process in place, many fail to implement continuous criminal monitoring, which can provide a safer workplace and more fair chance hiring opportunities. Options include receiving arrest alerts, verified alerts and court-tracked alerts. Employers should proceed with caution, however, since the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission […]

Why Continuous Background Checking is Crucial: Four Scenarios

Background checks should be split into two categories: 1. Factors with limited potential for change and 2. Factors with the potential to change and put the business at risk. For the second, factors could change at any time, even if nothing was flagged in the initial screening process, making continuous background checking incredibly important. An […]

The Importance of Continuous Employment Screening in APAC

Learn how adopting continuous screening practices can help employers minimize insider threats and security risks.

Here’s what you’ll gain from this White Paper:

·        What insider threats are and […]

Court Record Monitoring: What We’ve Learned

By: Bruce Myers and Bryan Snow

A year ago, Wholesale Screening launched what we thought was a groundbreaking, industry-changing solution to address one of the hottest topics in human capital risk today. Unlike traditional arrest records-based monitoring, our continuous court records monitoring solution helps companies avoid negligent retention liability by providing actionable, authoritative information.

We’ve learned a lot over the […]


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