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Welcome to the Vendor Showcase that features suppliers and providers to the background screening industry. This section, The Background Bistro, features an interview with a C-Suite executive from one of the leading suppliers to background screening firms.

The purpose of the interview is to help you get to know the people behind the scenes that make the company successful, to learn more about the person as an individual and to learn about the company’s mission, goals and future directions.


Nathaniel T. Borsh
Senior Account Executive, SJV & Associates, LLC.

Vivek Khanna,Chief Client Partner, Neeyamo Enterprise Solutions Ltd.



Paul Hickman, CEO, Courthouse Concepts

Xiaoning Cao, Chairman of the Board, Huaxia Credit

ben peacock ceo of lighthouse info services
Ben Peacock, CEO, Lighthouse Information Services LLC

ceo of sentinel screening
Rachid Zahidi, CEO, Sentinel Screening

sarah price vp of priority backgrounds
Sarah Price, Vice President, Priority Backgrounds

Dan Fallows, Former Executive Director, GARDA Background Screening Solutions
ilya krifman at federal pre employment screening program

Ilya Krifman, Project Manager, NIC Federal, Pre-Employment Screening Program

Sherri Ervin owner of public record source llc
Sherri Ervin, Former Owner, The Public Record Source LLC

Nitza Lamas, Vice President, International Solutions & Compliance

Jamey Waters, President, Georgia Public Records Solutions
Marty Britton, President & CEO, Britton Management Profiles Inc.
Bill Wilder, COO of SJV
Dan Etzel, Former COO, Netforce Global, LLC
Jenny Reid, CEO, iFacts

heidi pattie vp of convergence research
Heidi Pattie, Former Vice President, Convergence Research
Tom pilkington the director of sales at tazworks

Tom Pilkington, Director of Sales, Tazworks


Ken Kunsman, Former Chief Marketing & Business Development Officer, International Screening Solutions, Inc

vince brodt sjv datasolutions vp of client experience

Vince Brodt, SJV, Vice President of Client Experience

les rosen the author of safe hiring manual

Les Rosen, author, The Safe Hiring Manual


Kristin Stafford, CEO, Vital4Data

andy hellman clearstar
Andy Hellman, Former Managing Director, International & Strategic Initiatives for Clearstar
sachin global service delivery director ams inform
Sachin, Global Service Delivery Director, AMS Inform
emily guinan product manager berg consulting group
Emily Guinan, Product Manager/Data Specialist for the Berg Consulting Group
nick roberts ceo risqgroup
Nick Roberts, Former CEO, RisqGroup
nina french current consulting group llc
Nina French, Former Managing Partner, Current Consulting Group. LLC
annisa hidayat head pre employment screening integrity indonesia
Annisa Hidayat, Head of Pre-employment Screening for Integrity-Indonesia
abbe groffman berg consulting group
Abbe Groffman, Director of Marketing, Berg Consulting Group
barak zimmerman ceo county house research inc

Barak Zimmerman, CEO, County House Research, Inc

Prof Cao chairman board huaxia credit in china
Professor Xiaoning Cao (Prof. Cao), Chairman of the Board, Huaxia Credit and Chairman of Huaxia D&B China.
Todd anstey cofounder and ceo triton
Todd Anstey, Former Co-founder and CEO, TRITON
aashish taneja co founder netrika consulting India
Fred Giles
Fred Giles, Former President, Netforce Global
James mohrman - from mohr information services
James Mohrman, Director of Investigations, Mohr Information Services, LLC.
Ray Palys, President, Accurate Biometrics
Ray Palys, President, Accurate Biometrics
David Robillard, CEO, MultiLatin Background Screening
David Robillard, Founder of MultiLatin Background Screening
Jaime Frankos, Chief Revenue Officer
Jaime Frankos, Chief Revenue Officer, Ferretly
Todd McCormick, Chief Revenue Officer
Todd McCormick, Chief Revenue Officer, Vital4
Todd McCormick, Chief Revenue Officer
AJ Holloway, Solution Director, Background Screening, Interactive Data, LLC (“IDI”).
Joe Reilly, President, National Drug Screening
Joe Reilly, President, National Drug Screening.
Ed Hall, CEO, Qualification Check
Ed Hall, CEO, Qualification Check.
James Mohrmann, Owner and Director of Operations, Mohr Information & Investigative Services
James Mohrmann, Owner and Director of Operations, Mohr Information & Investigative Services
Rachid Zahidi, CEO, Sentinel Data Retrieval, LLC.
Rachid Zahidi, CEO, Sentinel Data Retrieval, LLC.
Rachid Zahidi, CEO, Sentinel Data Retrieval, LLC.
Barack Zimmerman, CEO, County House Research


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