Todd McCormick

Grab a latte and pull up a chair to join us for a great interview with
Todd McCormick, Chief Revenue Officer, Vital4 Inc.


How long have you been in the background screening industry? 

The first 12 years of my career I spent at, which was my entry point into this industry. I joined the industry because I saw an opportunity for organizations to leverage technology to improve operational efficiencies and save money. I rejoined the industry 4 years ago to help organizations leverage better data to avoid hiring or transacting with bad actors globally. 

What is important about your company that you want people to know? 

We are taking a tech-first approach to protect organizations from hiring and doing business with bad actors globally. Downstream, this has a tremendous impact on our society. We wake up every day thinking about how we can make an impact whether it be to reduce human trafficking, drug trafficking, terrorism, etc., it keeps us driving forward every day. 

Any important announcements about products or services or future direction you like talk about? 

We continue to leverage cutting-edge technology and methods to advance our Global Watchlist and Sanctions, PEP and Adverse Media solutions. An example of this is our upcoming Adverse Media release where we have taken it to the next level. Early this year we rolled out an enhancement leveraging Sentiment Analysis
to truly identify adverse content only. This reduced content in some cases by up to 70% compared to our competitors. In our next release we have trained our system to match the subject searched to the adverse content to reduce false positives on other names in the article. Game changer! 

If you had a Crystal Ball and could look into the future what do you see happening in the background screening industry 10 years from now? 

It is a race right now to try and automate the entire hiring process. I don’t see the laws allowing this if anything they are making it harder. I am hopeful that in 10 years we will have aligned better with governments globally on the importance of data in making the right and safe hiring decisions. 

What is your favorite quote? 

“Winning isn’t everything but it sure beats coming in second” – Bear Bryant

If you could meet anyone regardless of whether the person is alive or not, who would you want to meet and why? 

Abraham Lincoln – His leadership philosophies are something I think about at least once a week. It would be great to meet a man that has influenced and inspired me to be a better leader.