Fred Giles, President, Netforce Global

Grab a latte and pull up a chair and join us for a great interview with Fred Giles, President, Netforce Global

Fred GilesIn response to my question regarding what let him to the background screening industry, Fred said Back in the 1980s I saw the need for employers to know who they were hiring. As a society, the U.S. has transitioned from one in which everyone continues to live and work in their home towns to a more mobile society. That essentially means that most of the time, employers are hiring strangers.

Before coming to the background screening industry, Fred, earned his undergraduate and initial graduate training in secondary education, but since there were limited opportunities for a new college graduate in the area where he lived he became a police officer. He soon became a crime prevention officer and later transitioned to a polygraph examiner in private practice. When the Polygraph Protection Act was passed, I continued to do investigative interviewing for retail chains helping them solve unexplained loses or shrinkage and selling backgrounds as a side business. Soon after, he was asked to head up the background unit of a major security firm and has been full time in the industry since.

Fred shared that he enjoys the variety and complexity of the background screening business. He smiled when he said, his former boss used to call this industry the most complex simple business there is. He added, From the outside, what we do seems like it should be drop-dead simple. However, those of us in the industry know how complex it can be to manage geographically with scattered researchers, managing client expectations, managing varied and ever-changing research methodologies by type of search or engagement, staying up to date as new resources become available or are demanded by clients, and then on top of all that, remain legally compliant in the face of constantly evolving local, state, federal and global regulation.

He paused and noted that Oh yes, the people. While we all may compete, I feel fortunate to have met, gotten to know, and work with so many excellent people in this industry. I cant think of any industry with which I would rather be associated.

Turning the conversation to the business Fred shared that NetForce Global is the trusted leading wholesaler of international background screenings in The Americas, Canada, EMEA and the Asia/Pacific regions. We offer our customers and their clients the credibility and confidence they require to make informed multinational hiring decisions.

The Companys Mission is to be the trusted leader in wholesale international background screening, NetForce Global provides customers the confidence they need to make better informed hiring decisions.

He added, we are Dedicated to providing wholesale-only international products and services, NetForce Global is focused on helping retail background screening customers with solutions for virtually all their international background screening needs. Our customers rely on us to efficiently provide the products that effectively meet their screening requirements.

NetForce Global is trusted to get it right by providing:

  • A quality process that produces results,
  • Built-in global compliance,
  • Timely response with accurate information,
  • Strong relationships built on trust and
  • Simplifying global complexities.”

In a somewhat serious tone, Fred shared that NetForce Global enables companies to make confident and informed hiring decisions. NetForce Global has taken the time to research and understand the intricacies of each local international market. We integrate our compliance research and expertise to help to ensure that every search is done within guidelines established by each countrys privacy laws and regulations. Our clients can be assured that products and services provided by NetForce Global have been evaluated to be compatible with these standards.

Talking a bit about the future Fred shared that NetForce Global is in the process of re-tooling their user experience to better reflect the premier offerings and service they provide. He said to watch for announcements later this year.

He added that It is key to recognize that many of us at NetForce Global have been at retail CRAs. We know what CRAs and their clients expect, and we are committed to delivering no less than excellence. Our key mission is to make your job easier and to help you succeed with your clients. We will never forget that.

He also pointed out that NetForce Global has visited with each every one of their in-country partners in person because we take the trust our clients put in us very seriously and will only provide quality services from partners we know. In addition, he said, Our clients are assured that NetForce Global is purely wholesale and will never compete against them. In fact, many clients have used our experts in client presentations to help sell business.

Moving the conversation to what he sees coming down the road for the background screening industry, Fred leaned back and said, One of the reasons I was grateful to accept the position at NetForce Global is that I have seen the shift towards multinational background screening. Certainly, sources are limited in some parts of the world, but I can see the steady march towards better hiring decisions fueled by more complete backgrounding globally and I expect that trend to accelerate.

He added, Our industry challenge will be to adapt and adopt the growing data protection and privacy regulation that is also accelerating globally. GDPR is not the first such initiative, but it will have the effect cause change beyond the EU. As an industry, these are not changes to fear, but will require us to refine some processes and redefine some services. At the end of the day, however, employers will always need tools to help make the best hiring decisions and will always need services we offer.

Turning the dialogue back to him personally, he note that he reads a lot of fiction for relaxation when traveling, but for non-fiction, he recommends The Next 100 Years: A Forecast for the 21st Century by George Friedman. He said, It provides an enlightening global context for business in general.

Regarding the person he would most like to meet, without hesitation,n he said, Carl Sagan, Astronomer and Astrophysicist noting that he had such a thirst for and appreciation of knowledge. His enthusiasm was infectious and share one of Carls quotes, Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.

Speaking of quotes, he share his favored quote, Your Opinion Doesnt Matter, which is based on a book title by Andrew Ballard that underscores it is the customers opinion that matters, not yours. Fred commented that this is Also, a pretty good life philosophy that teaches the value of listening, understanding, and acting only based on properly informed decisions.

Thanks to Fred for a very informative interview. Fred can be reached at (925) 263-2135 or


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