Joe Reilly, President, National Drug Screening

Grab a latte and pull up a chair to join us for a great interview with
Joe Reilly, President, National Drug Screening.




How long have you been in the background check industry and what led you  to join the industry? 

I started in drug testing in 1993 to help Florida employers save 5% on workers comp insurance. In 1999 I started providing Nationwide service and was introduced to the background screening industry. My two companies Joe Reilly & Associates and National Drug Screening continue to offer consulting, and support on drug testing to many CRA’s. We are very proud of our services to help newcomers to drug testing get started and become successful.


What is important about your company that you want people to know?

Our business philosophy is to help business colleagues grow their businesses. We share information and are always available to answer questions or provide guidance on drug testing issues. One of our core values is to remain experts in our industry, our entire team is training consistently on all things drug testing.


Any important announcements about products or services or future direction  you would like to talk about? 

This past year we launched our Drug Testing Business Support Portal. This is a comprehensive online resource for new and existing industry providers with all things drug testing. We believe that whether you are looking to start a drug and alcohol testing business or are already in the business, having the right guidance, knowledge, and resources is critical to keeping you and your business on the right track. This portal provides access to how to videos, detailed procedures, editable templates, and more resources designed to answer your questions and simplify your business.


If you had a Crystal Ball and could look into the future, what do you see hap pening in the background screening industry 10 years from now?

I think marijuana will be legal and other then DOT regulated testing, drug testing for marijuana will pretty much go away. It will become a reasonable suspicion test just like alcohol testing and we will see a testing methodology that detects impairment from marijuana. Both drug testing and background screening companies will see much more consolidation with mergers and acquisitions.

Both drug testing and background screening industries will continue to grow and see increased volume, but it will become ever so important to be aware of State and Federal regulations.


What is your favorite quote? 

The golden rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” I like to treat people as I would like to be treated. This includes being compassionate, and trustworthy.


If you could meet anyone regardless of whether the person is alive or not,  who would you want to meet and why? 

I’ve heard so many fascinating stories and insights about Hank Asher’s life and  legacy. He was very influential in the world of data fusion and many members  of our leadership team worked closely with him throughout his many business  ventures.