Importance of Robust Background Checks: Don’t Just Take Documentation at Face Value

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Sachin Aggarwal, Director of Global Services, AMS Inform

In today’s fast-paced world, ensuring the integrity and authenticity of individuals and organizations has become more critical than ever. The rise of sophisticated fraud techniques necessitates a shift from mere acceptance of provided documentation to a thorough and robust background check process.

It’s no longer sufficient to rely solely on copies of degrees, employment letters, or other traditional credentials. Increasingly, individuals and organizations are resorting to altering essential documents like bank statements and EPFO passbooks to mask the truth.

What’s even more alarming is the emergence of elaborate schemes wherein entities fabricate their entire existence. From creating seemingly legitimate websites to registering on official platforms like the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, these entities go to great lengths to present a facade of authenticity. Accepting such representations at face value can lead to significant risks for businesses and individuals alike. To safeguard against these risks, organizations must adopt a proactive approach to background checks. 

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