Essential Questions to Ask When Switching Employment Background Check Providers

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Background checking has become an integral part of the hiring process in most firms. The Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA) reported in their most recent annual survey of employers that more than 94% of employers reporting they conduct some form of background checks on new hires. 

The business environment for hiring has changed drastically in the last several years:

  • the pandemic caused remote work to move towards the norm and firms have had to learn how to recruit remotely, 
  • the great resignation has caused a continuous flow of open jobs along with new jobs continuing to be added regularly, and
  • the technologies associated with hiring continues to evolve including mobile devices surpassing PC’s as the major interface for applicants, video interviews, ATS, social media screening to name a few. 

You have been working with your current background screening provider for a while, however, they are not keeping up with current realities and you are losing faith in their ability to continue to meet your needs. You have decided to explore switching to a new provider despite knowing you don’t have a lot of time to devote to this initiative.

As you develop your plan to switch providers here are some questions you should ask potential providers to help you make an informed choice?

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