Employment Referencing: Best Practice Tips For Employers

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In a recent survey by Reed Screening, 78% of employers stated that reference checks were the slowest part of the hiring process. In this article, Keith Rosser, Director of Reed Screening, shares useful guidance on how to make referencing efficient.

In today’s competitive job market, making informed hiring decisions is paramount for employers looking to bolster their workforce.

Employment referencing is an essential part of recruitment; it gives employers a quick and easy way to verify a candidate’s suitability and experience. By contacting recent employers, hiring managers can validate the accuracy of a CV, assessing the credibility of a potential new starter and also making sure the hiring process is doing its job.

While it may seem routine, referencing is a valuable tool that can provide deeper insights into a candidate’s history, work ethic, and suitability for a role. However, there are important considerations to make in terms of legal and ethical considerations.

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