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Who Develops Your Employee Screening Policy?

It is important to have the entire company aligned with the employee screening policy, rather than just one department. Comprehensive screening policies should contain clear and consistent guidelines and procedures; compliance with laws; relevant background checks, and consistent procedures for reference and background checks.


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Unionized Employers Must Bargain Over the ‘Finer Points’ of Completing I-9 Forms

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit recently affirmed a National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) order holding that the business in question violated the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) when it failed and refused to provide the Communications Workers of America with notice and an opportunity to bargain over the effects of its […]

The Importance of Incorporating Fair Chance Hiring Into Your Business

Approximately 70 million people have some form of criminal record potentially holding them back from entering the workforce. Fair Chance Hiring and related laws aim to open up the doors to the incredible talent that exists for those with past convictions. Employment opportunities provide them with an incentive to perform better, remain loyal, and stay […]

Strategies for Developing a Multistate Privacy Compliance Program

Although slightly different, state privacy laws share key principles, making it easier for privacy professionals to develop a framework for building a program designed to adapt to the changing privacy landscape. New comprehensive state privacy laws are creating compliance obligations for entities that have traditionally fallen outside the purview of privacy regulation. Such laws include […]

Privacy and Security Basics – Dos and Don’ts

As states continue to implement privacy laws, businesses should do what they can to address their data privacy and security practices. They should update privacy policies, address dark patterns, train employees on privacy and security, address data retention, and explore cyber security insurance. What they shouldn’t do is ignore employee privacy or vendor relationships.


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What Employers Need to Know About Evolving Medical Marijuana Laws in the U.S.

With marijuana laws changing across the country on a regular basis, it is important to understand some of the myths surrounding its use for medical and recreational purposes. Four of the most popular myths include the misconception that medical marijuana is legal nationwide, an employer must accommodate the use of medical marijuana in a state […]

Overhauling Cannabis Workplace Drug Testing: The Shift to Fitness-for-Duty and Post-Hire Testing

Cannabis testing can be tricky since positive results don’t always correlate with recent use. This can lead to issues where zero-tolerance policies exist and cannabis users are disciplined for past use of a legal substance. Employers should aim to maintain safety and productivity, while also creating a fair workplace drug testing process for cannabis.


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In the Age of Virtual Hiring, Remember the Reference Call

With virtual hiring on the rise, important steps of the hiring process are often skipped. Reference calls should not be one of them. This critical step is one-way recruiters and hiring managers can confirm what the candidate has shared with them, while also serving as a verification process for past job duties and skills.


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How to Spot a Fake Job Applicant Online

HR departments can take several steps to identify fake applicants during the online interview process. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has created a website specifically intended to train people to identify deepfakes. Laura Mazzullo of East Side Staffing recommends Googling photos on platforms like LinkedIn to check for inconsistencies, as well as using reference-checking software. […]

Nanny Agency in Greenwich CT Helps Source Remarkable Childcare Announced

The Impeccable Nanny, based in Greenwich, Conn., provides experienced and qualified nannies who can offer quality care to children of all ages. Working families can use the agency to not only locate a safe and qualified caregiver, but also to obtain a contract that outlines the terms of the employment in areas such as fair […]


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