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Best Practices in Vetting Prospective and Current Employees

The 2019 Public-Private Analytic Exchange Program (AEP) Best Practices in Vetting Prospective and Current Employees Team conducted research to examine how organizations vet prospective and current personnel, respond to technological challenges, and design procedures to be as cost-effective and efficient as possible. The resulting data revealed how, when, and why personnel is vetted for employment, […]

A Parent’s Guide to Running a Background Check on a Nanny

While it’s important for every parent to conduct a background check on potential nannies, it is critical that the correct steps are followed. They should begin by getting permission from the applicant before performing a background check as required by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Background checks can reveal everything from felony and misdemeanor […]

How to Run a Background Check on a Babysitter & Give Yourself Some Peace of Mind

It can be scary to leave a child home with a babysitter for the first time, but hiring a legitimate nanny background check company can provide peace of mind since they conduct thorough background checks. Running one on your own is possible, but requires a bit of leg work. Start by asking the individual for […]

Nanny Background Checks (The Complete Guide for Parents) 

After interviewing potential babysitters, running a background check is a great way to ensure everything checks out, but it’s important to follow some very important steps. These include: getting permission, only gathering necessary information, confirming the individual’s identity, checking their social media, verifying CPR and first aid training, checking their education records, contacting their references, […]

Nanny Background Checks: Resources That Help 

Conducting a nanny background check is a great way to ensure that information provided to the family by a caregiver is accurate and that the person can do the job that is expected of them. Although some states are considered closed record states, there are still ways to conduct a background check. A quick and […]

Background Checks and Employee Screening for Your Nanny

When bringing someone into the home as a nanny, it is not only important to conduct interviews and ask for referrals, but to take things one step further and consider the steps of the employee screening process. Conducting a background check can help verify the identity of the potential hire, and can include a look […]

Nanny Background Checks on Candidates – To Run or Not to Run? 

It may cost quite a bit of money to run a background check on potential nanny candidates, but it is incredibly important to be reassured that criminal records, driving records and social security records are clear. When it comes to a background check, the more you pay, the less risk you run. It is up […]

Nanny Background Checks: What Every Family Needs to Know Before Hiring a Caregiver 

Just as a background check is conducted on all employees joining a business, the same should be done when considering bringing a nanny into the home. According to Tammy Tucker of National Crime Search, Inc., a nanny background check can “help parents ensure they’re hiring a trustworthy nanny to care for their children and keep […]

Before You Write That Check, Conduct a Nanny Background Check 

Before hiring a nanny or caregiver to come into the home, it’s a good idea to complete a nanny background check. This involves calling references to ask questions like start date, end date, why he or she left, if the individual takes directions well and how the person handled an emergency or difficult situation, if […]

Nanny Background Checks Are Good for Everyone 

Running a background check on a potential nanny is a great way to ensure the safety and well-being of children in the home. Nanny background checks can include work history, educational background, personal reference verification, prior employment experience, motor vehicle records, criminal background check, national sex offender registration, Social Security number check, credit history, a […]


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