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Employers, End Users and Property Managers Resources

Employers and property managers rely upon background screens to make informed hiring and residency decisions and to help mitigate the risk of workplace violence, employee theft, negligent hiring lawsuits, and violence at leased properties. PBSA is comprised of professional background screeners, Consumer Reporting Agencies (CRAs), that assist employers and property managers in meeting their screening […]

Third Time’s the Charm? EU-US Data Privacy Framework Revamped and Reloaded

The European Commission has adopted an adequacy decision for a lawful data transfer from the EU to the USA for the third time. The recent adequacy decision follows an Executive Order of President Biden that introduced new binding safeguards to ensure that data can be accessed by the US intelligence agencies only to the extent […]

Impairment Testing vs Drug Testing

Drug screening in the workplace is a critical component of maintaining a safe working environment. There are significant differences between impairment testing and drug testing. Commonly used in occupational settings to ensure the safety of employees, especially in high-risk industries, impairment testing is used to assess an individual’s physical or mental capabilities and determine whether […]

Workplace Impact of Opioid Epidemic

The opioid epidemic is not going anywhere, so it is important employers consider the issues surrounding addiction and the workplace. A few topics to think about include when drug testing takes place; whether drug-testing policies are up to date and legally compliant; whether drug-testing protocols are the most effective; employee training on expectations and policies; […]


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