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HireRight Launches 2020 Global Benchmark Report

HireRight has announced the release of its 2020 Global Employment Screening Benchmark Report, based on the findings of the business’s 13th Annual Benchmarking survey. More than 1,700 Human Resources professionals worldwide contributed with their insights. The report highlighted that just 48 percent of businesses perform background checks on their temporary workers and even fewer on […]

First Advantage’s 2020 Trend Report: Industry Insights

This report identifies trends and insights from the 2019 searches. The report cross-references First Advantage’s customer responses with their aggregate data from 71 million 2019 global searches to tell an important story about where the industry is headed as it relates to analytics, risk, contingent labor, and drug screening.   Read More

Background Screening: Trends and Uses in Today’s Global Economy

This report reveals emerging trends in who is being screened and how often, what elements go into a background check and the increasing value of international screening capabilities.   Read More

2020 Staffing Executive Report: The Impact of COVID-19 on the Future of Employment Background Screening and Identity Verification

In this extensive research, SIA reveals how to better understand best practices and recent developments in background screening and identity verification in the staffing industry, including 4 key areas to help staffing companies deliver trust, safety, and compliance for customers while improving the candidate experience. Optimizing Quality, Efficiency, Cost, and Risk in a Challenging Environment […]

Newly Released Background Screening Report Cites Dramatic Shifts in HR Priorities While High

Global HR Research has announced the release of a critical industry research study curated and managed by HRO Today, which revealed dramatic shifts in HR’s service and technological support needs. The study showed a striking swap in rankings between I-9 Verifications with drug testing. In addition, the tight labor market is believed to have contributed […]

Corporate Screening 2020 Hiring and Background Screening Trends and Insights

The 2020 Hiring and Background Screening Trends and Insights report identifies the key factors and trends that will impact hiring activities, including: The 2020 presidential election Marijuana legalization and its impact on drug testing Salary history bans and pay equity Ban the Box’s continued popularity Background screening for the contingent workforce Read more

CVs Uncovered 2019

This report looks at key trends from Credence Background Screening data and incorporates an insightful survey of employer views and experiences of degree fraud by Prospects. For this report Credence has sampled almost 55,000 CVs, analyzing only those cases with discrepancies. These discrepancies can be either Minor Alerts (low-level inconsistencies that do not require escalation), […]


This research examined how organizations vet prospective and current personnel, respond to technological challenges, and design procedures to be as cost-effective and efficient as possible. The data collected reveals how, when, and why personnel are vetted for employment, while also taking into account the potential impacts of not vetting, or improperly vetting, personnel. The impacts […]

First Advantage 2020 U.S. Report Reveals Emergent Trends

The new research dives into background screening preferences and behaviors cross-referencing customer survey responses with aggregate data from First Advantage’s searches in 2019. Based on the analysis, the report uncovered four emergent trends in U.S. practices, which include improving process efficiencies, optimizing programs with analytic tools, extending workforces with contract labor and planning for marijuana […]

Are You Hiring Charlatans?

A new Checkster study has revealed that 78 percent of applicants who took part in a survey misrepresent themselves and 66 percent of hiring managers are willing to accept these lapses in ethics. Common lies include made-up revelation experiences, false reasons for leaving a job, using a director title when the actual title was a […]


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