Not All Background Checks Are Equal

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Background check folder

By Nicole Berryman, VP Sales, CRCA

What does your screening company mean when they say that they are doing a 7 year look back when it comes to pulling criminal records? 

Recently when reviewing background check packages with potential clients, I have noticed a trend and came to the realization that not all background checks are created or sold equally. This is something that many are aware of but don’t really sit down and think about it until a review period or when evaluating a potential new partner. There are a lot of factors that go into the screening process and it starts with your partner and how they build out your criminal scope within the packages. The biggest question I ask potential clients is, “What are you running and why?”. Asking this question prompts the thought process of are we compliant, why are we running these searches, is there something that we might be missing or is there a better way to do things to improve the candidate process?

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