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5 Common White Lies You Should Remove from Your Resume

According to Elaine Varelas, a managing partner at Keystone Partners, the goal of a resume is to present yourself in the best light while being honest. She urged job seekers to remove these five white lies that could be hard to back up: 1. Altering your job title, 2. Listing an unfinished college degree, 3. […]

How to Address Your Criminal Background in an Interview

It is estimated that about 30% of Americans have some form of criminal record, with just 40% having completed college. Although many states are “banning the box” that asks questions about criminal charges on employment applications, some form of this inquiry could still appear. But don’t be discouraged – there are still ways to increase […]

7 Ways to Help Your Candidates Provide Winning Reference Checks

More than 80% of hiring managers require references before making a job offer. And today, hiring managers are more likely to use reference feedback to differentiate between candidates and obtain critical insights rather than as a perfunctory last step before hiring. Here are some tips to help you manage the reference process wisely. Tip #1: […]

Before Giving Your Potential New Employer Your Reference List

Before giving your potential new employer your reference list, consider being sure to complete the following: Make a list, check the list twice, touch base with those you plan to include, fill in the details, do a double check, complete a final draft, send a thank you. Read more

Two in Three Job Hunters Put Mistakes in their Applications

According to HireRight, about 63% of employee applications in the beginning of the year contained inaccuracies, with education being the No. 1 section to contain mistakes. Those jobseekers may be rushing through the application process or deliberately providing misleading information, exposing a business to risks. Errors were especially high in the financial services industry, with […]

Before Giving Your Potential New Employer Your Reference List, Follow These Tips

While not all employers will ask for references, it’s important to put some thought into who you might include if asked to do so. Consider your employment history and jot down anyone who might be willing to speak for you, steering clear of anyone who did not regularly review your work. Call each reference for […]

6 Common Misconceptions About Employment Background Checks

Myth #1: Employers are only looking to see if your resume is accurate; Myth #2: You can lie about how much you made at previous jobs. A prospective employer can ask your former employer or request copies of your W-2 forms. Myth #3: Employers simply call the references you provide. An employer may choose to […]

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