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Showing Posts In "Uncategorized" Category, the world’s leading background screening information portal for HR professionals, has released its fifth edition of, ‘In Search of Excellence in Background Screening: Best Practices Insights from Accredited Background Screening Firms.’, the background screening information portal for Human Resources professionals, announced the release of their fifth edition of ‘In Search of Excellence in Background Screening: Best Practices Insights from Accredited Background Screening Firms.’ The publication features articles written by firms who have earned accreditation from the Professional Background Screeners Association (PBSA) which is the trade […]

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InfoMart’s 10-Year Study Reveals Fraud-Related Convictions on the Rise in Healthcare

Did you know that—when compared to 25 other industries—healthcare has the highest percentage of fraud-related convictions among applicants? Do you know how conviction rates have changed among healthcare candidates in the last decade? Read more

Healthcare Crime Categorization Report by InfoMart

InfoMart’s team of global background screening experts have tracked the employment screening practices of thousands of employers and millions of applicants over the past ten years. This report represents a decade’s worth of proprietary background check data collected on the healthcare industry. This report analyzes a variety of trends relevant to HR professionals, including: • […]

CloudMills and HRNX Merge: Now HR Folks Can Use Whatever the Heck They Want

CloudMills and HRNX have joined forces to offer the optimal platform, connector library, and expertise to make integrations more accessible for all stakeholders. The combined organization leads the market in rapid, turn-key and cost-effective integration solutions specifically designed for the multi-billion-dollar work technology market. Read more

Rescreen your employees to safeguard your business

Most companies do an excellent job of screening their candidates to mitigate risks, but they are strapping themselves up for surprises when they lack the frequent rescreening of their employees. As robust as a background check can be, it is only valid at that point in time, before the hire. A 2018 survey shared with SHRM by […]

Continuous Monitoring with FACIS Means Access to a Comprehensive Data Source with Real-Time Results

Automated monitoring with systems like FACIS® (Fraud Abuse Control Information System) is integral forthose in the healthcare setting to prevent things like fraud, negligence or abuse. After initial screening for employment or engagement, continuous monitoring for exclusions, sanctions, debarments and disciplinary actions against government-funded programs and recipients of entitlement programs ensure safety. In 2007, the […]

The State of HR Technology India 2019-20

The HR technology market in India is changing at a faster rate than ever. To better understand how organizations are adapting to the digital transformation, a study, People Matters’ State of HR Technology India 2019-20, has been released. The study engaged with more than 250 respondents from 208 companies, revealing that “the levels of automation […]


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