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Saliva Instead of Urine for Drug Testing?

With more employers drug testing their employees as an unintended consequence of the legalization of recreational marijuana, some are wondering whether saliva testing offers additional advantages. This form of testing allows those who have a hard time providing a urine sample an alternative solution and is relatively cheaper than urine collection. Saliva also can be […]

What is a “Reasonable” Reinvestigation: Defining Consumer Reporting Agency Obligations Under FCRA

The plaintiff in Thomas v. Hyundai Capital Am. alleged a car dealership, collection agency and Equifax all violated the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). The plaintiff leased a vehicle and was asked to pay about $1,100 in fees for excess wear on the vehicle, a disposition fee and taxes. A collection agency was hired by […]

When Technicalities Are (and are not) Associated with Concrete Harm: The Spokeo Analysis as Applied in Long v. SEPTA, 2018 WL 4290046 (3rd Cir. 2018)

In two separate cases of violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), the court held that an employers failure to provide the prospective employees with a copy of their background check did give rise to an injury, but the failure to provide the statutorily required notice of rights did not. In the first case, […]

Forsyth County, North Carolina to Stop Asking About Criminal Convictions on Most Job Applications

The Forsyth County Board of Commissioners, North Carolina, voted recently to ban the box on most of its job applications. The resolution is intended to create a fair chance employment policy to ensure that the hiring practices of the county do not unfairly deny employment to people with criminal conviction records, which are not job […]

10 Reasons to Conduct Background Screening During the Interview Process

Katie Kulp,Vice President – Operations & Compliance at Chane Solutions No business can be stronger than the employees who run it. No matter what industry you work in, building a solid team you can trust is the only path to success. Many managers rely on background checks to add an extra layer of security when […]

Workplace Drug Testing Guidelines and Research Project

European Workplace Drug Testing Guidelines European Guidelines for Workplace Drug Testing in Urine Download Guidelines European Guidelines for Workplace Drug Testing in Oral Fluid Download Guidelines European Guidelines for Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing in Hair Download Guidelines European Drug Testing Guidelines Research Project In 2007, a research project was undertaken to identify the legal […]

Rinse and Repeat: Re-Screening as Part of Your Hiring and Retention Procedures

It has been recommended that companies should place importance on post-hire screening that could raise red flags regarding criminal activities after the start of employment. Larger companies should consider deep-dive background checks on an annual basis of their key individuals to eliminate the possibility of serious charges like fraud and embezzlement. Read more

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