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Mayers Brown’s A Global Guide to Background Checks

Background checks have become a critical part of the recruitment process in many countries. Employers with a global presence often seek to harmonize recruitment policies across different jurisdictions but addressing the various restrictions and regulations around background checks can be challenging. A Global Guide to Background Checks provides an overview of both the legal and […]

2019 HireRight EMEA Employment Screening Benchmark Report

HireRight’s annual global Employment Screening Benchmark Survey asks HR, Risk and Talent Acquisition professionals about their challenges, activities, and background screening practices. This Report covers the responses from those within the EMEA region, and can be used to help organisations benchmark their HR behaviours and background screening programmes against other companies in the region. The […]

2018 HireRight EMEA Employment Screening Benchmark Report

Despite the fact that there is so much change to address, the 2018 HireRight EMEA employment screening benchmark report reveals that, for many businesses, growth is a top priority. As a result, hiring rates are expected to rise in many cases, significantly. The report, based on the thoughts of EMEA HR and risk decision makers, […]


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