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Quebec Introduces New Amendments to Its Privacy Regimes

The Government of Quebec recently tabled Bill 64, an Act to modernize legislative provisions as regards the protection of personal information (Bill), before the National Assembly of Quebec. Should the bill be passed, it proposes to update the existing framework applicable to the protection of personal information by amending various laws of the province of […]

Managing Data Privacy Risks in Corporate Investigations – Some Key Considerations for Businesses in the Asia-Pacific Region

Although investigations are important for businesses to address allegations of potential or suspected wrong-doing, some are likely to present data privacy issues, especially for the fragmented regulatory landscape for data protection and privacy in the Asia-Pacific region, where laws vary considerably among countries. Breaches of data protection and privacy laws in a number of Asia-Pacific […]

At a Glance: Hiring Employees in Puerto Rico

Although private employers in Puerto Rico can perform background checks on job applicants subject to federal parameters, courts there attach great importance to the constitutional provisions protecting human dignity and privacy from invasion both by public and private parties. In addition, the Puerto Rico Supreme Court has determined that discrimination on the basis of a […]

Time to Prepare for New US-UK Data Sharing Rules, Law360

The United States and United Kingdom soon will enter into a landmark agreement that reflects law enforcement efforts “to develop mechanisms to address the fact that evidence today is often located overseas.” The U.S.-U.K. Bilateral Data Access Agreement, which is expected to take effect in July, will allow both countries to access electronic data for […]

Germany Says GDPR Could Collapse as Ireland Dallies on Big Fines

German regulators are becoming impatient with Ireland, which, after two years since the enactment of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), has yet to issue a single fine for a breach against an American tech giant. Ulrich Kelber, Germany’s Federal Commissioner for Data Protection, called the inaction “unbearable,” calling for a new European Union (EU) […]

Internal Fraud Levels in UK Worse Than Global Average

A recent Kroll survey has revealed that, although 38 percent of United Kingdom businesses experienced internal fraud, nearly one in four business leaders did not view fraud as a risk priority. The report indicated that senior management not taking the issue seriously enough could be part of the problem, with a third of respondents saying […]

Personal Data Handling and Processing in India

The law requires that sensitive personal data or information (SPDI) cannot be collected unless the information is collected for a lawful purpose connected with a function or activity of the party collecting or using the information and the collection of the SPDI is considered necessary for that purpose. Consent must be obtained from the provider […]

Helicopter Operator’s Random Drug Testing Plan Shot Down

An order issued under the Canada Labour Code has struck down a St. John’s helicopter operator’s policy to randomly test pilots and other staff for cannabis. Newfoundland and Labrador arbitrator Susan Ashley determined that drug testing was invasive and said that “protection of these privacy rights in all of the circumstances outweighs the employer’s legitimate […]


When the European Union’s comprehensive data privacy regulation went into effect in 2018, the law not only changed business practices in Europe, it also became a catalyst for similar measures across the globe. In Latin America, where leaders are debating and enacting new laws modeled after the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the shift […]


During the past year, there have been many developments in the data protection field in Colombia. In October 2018, Nelson Remolina was appointed as the new Data Protection Delegate, and under his direction, SIC there have been many investigations on the infringement of data protection rules, imposing fines of more than $550,000. Since the start […]

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