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China Draft Rules on Cross Border Data Transfer

China has released a set of draft rules pertaining to the relaxation of some of the burdensome requirements on data exports, but they have not yet been finalized. The final version is expected to be released in the coming months. Companies should closely assess their position under the draft rules’ proposed thresholds and exemptions to […]

Quebec Privacy Policies

The Commission will issue the first in a series of guides intended to facilitate understanding and compliance with new obligations pertaining to the protection of personal information of a businesses’ customers. The guide defines and describes a privacy policy and how to write a policy in simple and clear terms.


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Why Should My Company Join the EU-US Data Privacy Framework?

Now fully effective, the EU-U.S. Data Privacy Framework provides both advantages and disadvantages. For starters, participation in DPF would address the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legal requirement to protect cross-border personal data transfers from the EU to the U.S. Companies, however, would be subject to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission enforcement authority for the […]

5 Industries That Should be Doing More than a DBS Check

Many industries are completing a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) to assess the background of a potential employee, but some, such as those who deal with vulnerable people, should be doing more. Industries that should take it one step further include taxi and minicab companies, teaching and education, social care, creches and childcare facilities, and […]

India Data Privacy Update: Digital Personal Data Protection Bill, 2022 Progresses

A draft Digital Personal Data Protection Bill was released for public consultation and is now expected to be placed before the Indian Parliament for consideration, debate, and approval. The draft affects businesses in multiple ways. This article covers what is regulated, penalties for non-compliance, consent mechanisms, data fiduciaries, and the absence of a hard data […]

Digitisation in the Vetting World

In order to keep up with the times, employers must use technology and data to accommodate changes within the onboarding process. While a Digital Identity Check is simple, things become a bit more complex pertaining to the UK Trust Framework. Five key areas include verification, fraud, activity, validity, and strength. Within the framework are various […]

Rental Credit Checks in Canada: Why Do You Need One? (2023)

Landlords and property managers in Canada are conducting rental credit checks to validate the creditworthiness of prospective tenants. This can involve checking consumer reports or cross-referencing names with renter score models to determine information like past payment history, how many other rentals the candidate has been in, and any violations of lease agreements. Rental credit […]

CIPL & Cisco Publish Joint Report on Business Benefits and ROI of Accountable Privacy Programs

The Centre for Information Policy Leadership (CIPL) at Hunton Andrews Kurth LLP and Cisco’s Privacy Center of Excellence published a joint report on “Business Benefits of Investing in Data Privacy Management Programs.” The findings of the report are based on a study conducted among CIPL member companies and includes insights into how several leading global […]

2022 LATAM Annual Trends Report: Hiring Risk in a Challenge Labor Market

This report consolidates information taken from the background checks conducted during the last year and cross-references against the results from the Annual Customer Survey to deliver illuminating trends that help our customers to make informed hiring decisions.

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Over the past year, the economic landscape has changed considerably. The coronavirus pandemic has permanently changed the way we work but also opened new avenues for fraud and criminals.

In our annual background screening trends guide, we cover the growing prevalence of criminal record checks, how screening can help you adapt to the future of work, […]


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