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Background Screening Policy Considerations in the United Kingdom

In all personnel-related matters, it’s important to have and follow policies and procedures that promote consistency and compliance in the workplace. Documenting your company’s processes for requesting, receiving, and evaluating background checks will greatly improve your chances of successfully defending your programme. Our latest guide addresses common concerns and provides you with a checklist of […]

Background Checking Complexities in the LATAM Region

Background checking can help prospective employees validate credentials declared by the applicant at the time of hire, but global background checking can be a challenge. For countries in the Latin America (LATAM) region, such as Argentina, Venezuela, Brazil, Chile, and Mexico, numerous complexities exist. These include the prohibition to perform criminal checks using police records, […]

Why Background Screening During COVID-19 is Critical in India

Background checks during the COVID-19 crisis can ensure protection against hiring job candidates that use counterfeit documents or commit CV fraud in order to gain employment. India has experienced more than 30 million cases of COVID-19 to date and the Consumer Pyramids Household Survey estimates that employment fell short by 114 million people in April […]

Global Criminal Background Screening: 3 Essentials for Success

With more and more workforces going remote, it is important for employers to consider the benefits of global background checks. Reasons for doing so include verifying candidate experience and education, developing consistency in hiring practices and ensuring legal compliance. This includes obligations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and the European Union’s (EU) General […]

Conducting Background Checks on My Childcare Provider

Before making the hire for a nanny or caregiver, keep in mind that, at a minimum, all childcare providers should have a valid form of identification and an enhanced DBS check. Some could also have a pediatric first aid certificate, early years qualification or training and public liability insurance. It is recommended that interviewers also […]

The Importance of Background Checks When Hiring a Nanny

In Australia, Working with Children Checks (WWCCs) are mandatory for early childhood providers, who must fulfil the full requirements of the state/territory in which he or she is employed. Babysitting agencies also have policies in place to ensure employees undergo WWCCs and background checks. This child-related background check is for anyone who works or volunteers […]

Working with Children Check and Police Check

In Australia, a police check or “Working With Children Check” (WWCC) is often required by parents or by legislation in each state to not only provide peace of mind to parents, but also to ensure the safety and wellness of the children under the babysitter or nanny’s care. is a great national service to […]

A Guide to Criminal Background Checks in Asia Pacific

Learn how an effective criminal screening program can help improve and maintain the quality of new hires. Here’s what you’ll gain from this White Paper: Overview – What are Criminal Background Checks? The key objective of criminal background checks is to aid employers in making informed hiring decisions. Can Employers Obtain Their Candidates’ Criminal Records […]

Job Hunters Targeted by Bogus Advert Scam

Victims in South Yorkshire, United Kingdom, have recently applied to job advertisements for Apex Pharmacy only to learn that the advertisements were a scam and they are now vulnerable to crimes, such as identity theft. While the pandemic has caused a struggle to find work, these criminals have exploited people who find themselves without work. […]

Approaches to Criminal Backgrounds Checks for an International Workforce

Many employers in Asia rely on their candidates’ self-disclosures, but this can lead to incidents such as hiring a candidate with a serious criminal conviction or questionable background. Situations like this occur all around the world. In Singapore, a man was fired from a ride-hailing company after news emerged that he verbally abused a passenger. […]


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