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UK Proposes New Standard Contractual Clauses for Data Transfers to Third Countries

Transfers of personal data from the United Kingdom to third countries that do not provide an adequate level of data protection are restricted. The most common method of complying with this requirement is the use of Standard Contractual Clauses.

The United Kingdom has issued new versions of its SCCs as a response to the European Union’s […]

New Digital Identity Checking for Landlords and Employers to Tackle Immigration Abuse

Landlords, lending agents, and employers will be able to use certified new technology to digitally carry out vital right to work and right to rent checks aimed to crack down on abuse of the immigration system. After April 6, 2022, certified identity service providers (IDSPs) will be able to use Identification Document Validation Technology (IDVT) […]

New UK International Data Transfer Tools Presented to UK Parliament

Standard contractual clauses are one of the key tools relied upon by organizations that transfer personal data to recipients in “inadequate” countries under the UK and/or the EU General Data Protection Regulation. However, unlike in the European Union – where new SCCs were adopted in 2021  – the old EU SCCs have remained a valid […]

Government to Roll Out Digital Identity Documents for Pre-Employment Checks from The New Year

The UK government announced plans to roll out new digital identity documentation, which will enable employers to verify employees’ identities. The new UK Digital Identity and Attributes Trust Framework will set out the rules and standards for organizations to follow to secure digital identity checks. The UK Home Office will now enable employers and landlords […]

Changes to Pre-Employment Checks on Right to Work in the UK

The Home Office’s UK Visas & Immigration (UKVI) department recently confirmed upcoming changes to the way in which employers will be able to check a prospective employee’s right to work in the UK after April 6, 2022. Employers will no longer be permitted to accept some physical documents as evidence of right to work. This […]

What employers need to consider if a staff member is arrested

Considering a recent court ruling, Kate Palmer examines the options businesses have if an employee is suspected of, but not charged with a crime. There are many things an employer needs to consider once they are notified of an arrest or investigation, including the severity of the charge/potential charge, risk to the business – both […]

Wayne Couzens case: Police ‘must look at vetting processes’ after Sarah Everard murder

Police officials “must look at vetting processes” and the monitoring of officers in light of the murder of Sarah Everard, amid calls for a public inquiry into alleged failings and “the wider culture of misogyny” in the wake of her killer’s guilty plea. Wayne Couzens was a serving Metropolitan Police officer when he committed the […]

Is The UK About to Scrap GDPR?

UK employers have just about got used to the idea of GDPR, but the government has launched a consultation on reforms to the data protection regime. Some of the key proposals are lowering the threshold at which businesses can refuse to comply with DSARs; making it easier for employers to rely on legitimate interests as […]

European Commission’s New Standard Contractual Clauses: What They Mean for UK Businesses

The European Commission’s long-awaited standard contractual clauses (SCCs) for international transfers of personal data made under the EU GDPR have now been finalized. SCCs are the most frequently used mechanism for transferring personal data from the EU (practically speaking, the EEA) and from the UK to third countries. What are the key features of the […]

The Future of Employee Screening Process in The UK: Why Identity Verification Must Evolve While Remote Hiring Grows

An identity check is a crucial – but not always easy – step in the recruitment process in the United Kingdom. There is evidence that UK businesses are looking to take on new employees now that the country is emerging from the pandemic. However, employers have a number of regulatory obligations – including rigorous identity […]


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