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5 Industries That Should be Doing More than a DBS Check

Many industries are completing a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) to assess the background of a potential employee, but some, such as those who deal with vulnerable people, should be doing more. Industries that should take it one step further include taxi and minicab companies, teaching and education, social care, creches and childcare facilities, and […]

Digitisation in the Vetting World

In order to keep up with the times, employers must use technology and data to accommodate changes within the onboarding process. While a Digital Identity Check is simple, things become a bit more complex pertaining to the UK Trust Framework. Five key areas include verification, fraud, activity, validity, and strength. Within the framework are various […]


Over the past year, the economic landscape has changed considerably. The coronavirus pandemic has permanently changed the way we work but also opened new avenues for fraud and criminals.

In our annual background screening trends guide, we cover the growing prevalence of criminal record checks, how screening can help you adapt to the future of work, […]

Porky Pies: What to Do If an Employee Lies on their CV

A survey by YouGov found that one in 10 Brits admit to lying on their CVs in regard to their education and qualifications. The Supreme Court case of R. v. Andrewes addressed the seriousness of lying on a CV and how one business was facing the repercussions of an employee who lied about his qualifications […]

UK Data Protection Reform: What Is in The Government’s Proposals?

In September 2021, the Department for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport published its response to the UK data protection law, and a first draft of the new bill is expected imminently. DCMS recommends several changes to the U.K. law, and they are categorized by accountability, reuse of data and research; data subject rights; data transfers; […]

The Weaponization of Data Subject Access Requests

Data subject access requests (DSARs), often the responsibility of HR, are both costly and time-consuming. A study from The DPO Centre found six million adults had considered submitting a DSAR. The pandemic, too, saw an influx of pre-litigation DSARs to support employment tribunals owing to a rise in redundancies. A survey of UK-based DPOs from […]

Right To Work Checks – What You Need to Know

Right to Work Checks have long been a core component of UK employers’ duties, with businesses having to meet various obligations to comply with legislation governing the prevention of illegal working. Since their introduction under the Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act of 2006, Right to Work Check (RTW) procedures have undergone a number of changes. […]

Lying On Your CV Or About Salary Could See You Paying Wages Back After Strict Ruling

Lying workers who falsify CVs and past salaries could face being ordered to return huge chunks of their wages after a landmark court ruling. Britain’s most senior judges have ruled salaries obtained fraudulently are considered proceeds of crime. The Supreme Court recently ordered Jon Andrewes, the former chief executive of a hospice, to give back […]

Fraudster Rented Peterborough Homes and Turned Them Into Cannabis Factories

A member of an organized crime group sourced houses in Peterborough from letting agents turn them into cannabis factories worth more than £300,000. Pawel Skorupa, who used false identity documents to secure tenancy agreements, told officers that his home in Buckthorn Road had been used as a cannabis factory before he moved in, adding that […]

Employers Prioritize Criminal Record Checks Over Any Other Screening Service Since COVID-19

A new study from Vero Screening has revealed that criminal record checks have seen the greatest increase in importance among UK employers than any other kind of employee screening service since the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the study, more than a third (41%) of companies say screening for criminal activity while making background checks on […]


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