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During the past year there have been many developments in the data protection field in Colombia. In October 2018, Nelson Remolina was appointed as the new Data Protection Delegate, and under his direction, SIC there have been many investigations on the infringement of data protection rules, imposing fines of more than $550,000. Since the start […]

Colombia’s Data Protection Law Approved By The Constitutional Court

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Colombia’s data protection law has been approved by the Constitutional Court, reports Pablo Palazzi, Attorney, Allende & Brea, Buenos Aires. The new law was outlined in PL&B International Report (February 2011 p.18) in an article which forecast its adoption by the Constitutional Court later this […]

Data Protection Law Goes Into Force

The Colombian Data Protection went into effect on 18 April 2013. The Law introduces a comprehensive privacy regime in Colombia for the first time and regulates, among other things, notice and consent requirements, cross-border data transfers, and the processing of children’s data. The Law also contains data subject rights and registration requirements. Under the law, […]

Colombia Adopts Regulations to Implement its Data Protection Laws

With the advent of new rules regulating the protection of personal data, companies with operations in Colombia must implement policies and practices to comply with Colombia’s privacy law. In October 2012, Colombia enacted Law 1581 to regulate the protection of personal data and safeguard the constitutional right of privacy in the midst of the […]

Employers’ Obligations to Protect Workers’ Information

In order to develop a fundamental constitutional right, the Habeas Data Law (1581/2012) was passed almost one year ago. The law develops and guarantees a person’s right to know, update and correct the information held about him or her in a database. The main requirement when collecting employee information is to obtain their free, explicit, […]


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