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Screening and privacy: Tips for GDPR-compliant employment screening

White paper about the importance of privacy when screening

Privacy and screening are inseparably linked. In our white paper we provide insights into the following matters:

The basic rules for employment screening: In order to protect candidates, there are legal frameworks within which you may screen.
Tips to screen GDPR-compliant: It is important to comply with (privacy) laws […]

US, EU Sign Data Transfer Deal to Ease Privacy Concerns

The European Union and the United States have made a deal that business groups are saying will “provide relief to thousands of companies … that faced uncertainty over the ability to send data between the U.S. and Europe.” According to President Joe Biden, the arrangement will “enhance the Privacy Shield framework, promote growth and innovation […]

Hello, Utah Consumer Privacy Act!

The Utah Consumer Privacy Act contains more stringent applicability thresholds in comparison to other state laws, requiring controllers and processors to meet three prongs: 1. Do business in the state or targeting residents with products/services; 2. Have annual revenue of $25 million or more; and 3. Data collection, processing, or sale/revenue thresholds. The Act establishes […]

Data Privacy is More Than Just Data Security

While data privacy centers around the right to share data and the way organizations must be governed and held accountable for the use of that data, data security is focused on the policies and procedures that a company must implement to safeguard data from any third-party unauthorized access. Companies that collect, store, and/or manage someone’s […]

Four More Consumer Data Privacy Bills Introduced in US

The topic of consumer data privacy bills is trending, and lawmakers introduced new bills in Florida, Washington, Indiana, and the District of Columbia. Similar to the Colorado and Virginia laws, Washington state’s Washington Foundational Data Privacy Act (HB 1850) contains an annual registration requirement. Indiana’s bill appears to borrow concepts from the CPRA and Colorado/Virginia […]

Best Practices for the Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act

There are plenty of trends and guidance when it comes to consumer data privacy, and it is critical for employers to become familiar with those that affect their business. The Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act (VCDA) Working Group on the Joint Commission on Technology and Science released a report on best practices and recommendations, identifying […]

Proposed State Privacy Law Update Feb. 14, 2022

Lawmakers voted three bills out of committee in February, including New York’s S6701A, Ohio’s HB 376, and Florida’s HB 9. Several new bills also have been introduced, including in Arizona, Iowa, Rhode Island, and Wisconsin. More movement has taken place on Virginia’s data privacy law. In biometric bill news, the Maryland Senate Finance Committee held […]

The Proposed Massachusetts Information Privacy Act and Security Act: Will This Be the Year Massachusetts Finally Updates Its Consumer Privacy Laws?

Massachusetts’ Information Privacy and Security Act (MIPSA) would bring the state to the forefront of state regulation of private security. The bill, among other things, would give Massachusetts residents the right to opt-out of having their personal information sold and having advertising targeted to them, and would create a right to limit how companies can […]

Indiana Joins the Privacy Party by Introducing Its Own Data Privacy Bill

Indiana has introduced Senate Bill 358 that sets forth a number of consumer data protection standards, including Indiana consumers’ rights to sell their personal data, the responsibilities on business and service providers to protect such data, and the authority of the Indiana Attorney General to investigate and enforce violations of the new law. If passed, […]

Georgia Introduces Privacy Bill Stricter Than CCPA – The Top 10 Issues

The Georgia General Assembly has introduced the Georgia Computer Data Privacy Act (GCDPA), an omnibus privacy statute modeled after California’s Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). The GCDPA is stricter in a number of ways. Its top 10 issues include 1. Consumer consent is needed to collect data, 2. GCDPA seems to encourage privacy class action, 3. […]


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