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Vetting at the Top

Human resource executives and experts say double- and even triple-checking a C-suite job candidate’s resume, references and educational background isn’t just a way to spare the company from future embarrassment; it also offers career protection to the candidate who might be able to correct a resume error before it becomes an indelible stain on his record. Inside candidates as well as outside hires should be psychologically assessed and past co-workers should be mined better for information. Too often, job-seekers for top-level, highly visible posts are actually vetted with less stringency than lower-level hires, even in an age when the Internet can both magnify errors and increase the opportunities for puffery and fraud. Experts recommend having a standardized procedure in place, which requires background checks and uses skilled and impartial third-party firms to undertake that effort, but with the human-resource department involved and in charge throughout.

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