Top Candidates Are Gone Within 10 Days … So Assign Each A ‘Hire-By-Date’

If business people ran recruiting … they would assign a “hire by date” to each must-hire candidate, because these valuable in-demand candidates are likely to be quickly out of the job market.Unfortunately, many recruiting leaders and hiring managers mistakenly assume that top candidates will still be around when their firm is finally ready to make a hiring decision (hiring time averages 34 days), but the data shows otherwise. In fact, it reveals that the best candidates are off the market in 10 days. If you want to land top candidates, you must adjust your hiring timeframe and end date, so that it matches the time period when your target candidates will remain in the job market. Assuming that top talent will patiently wait for you to make an offer is simply arrogant and it is not supported by the data.

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