Serial FCRA Plaintiff Falls Short

After a battle of motions between the parties, a Wisconsin federal judge dismissed a proposed class action for alleged violations under the FCRA against Cory Groshek. Why is this important? Well, some of you may be familiar with Groshek as he is a noted (some may say serial) plaintiff who has filed multiple lawsuits and/or sent demand letters to employers alleging violations of the FCRA. Groshek’s master plan was to apply for employment and get to the point where the hiring entity would provide him with the FCRA required disclosure and authorization as part of the background check/investigation. From there, the alleged FCRA violations began either in the form of a lawsuit or a demand letter. In one such case, the judge put the brakes on this case noting that nowhere in plaintiff’s complaint did he allege any concrete harm suffered as a result of the alleged violation.

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