Philadelphia Criminal Background Checks Fair Chance Hiring Law Poster

On March 14, 2016, Philadelphia’s so-called ban the box law, the Philadelphia Fair Criminal Records Screening Ordinance, became effective. With it came the release of a mandatory new poster restating the major elements of what is now called Philadelphia’s Fair Chance Hiring Law. The Ordinance requires that employers display the new poster in a conspicuous place on the employer’s website and premises, where applicants and employees will be most likely to notice and read it. The poster reiterates that it is illegal for employers in Philadelphia to ask about an applicant’s criminal background anytime during the application process. Thus, employers must not have any question about criminal convictions on the application (not even with a disclaimer) and may not ask any questions during interviews. Although the new poster clarifies some ambiguities in the Ordinance, some issues remain for clarification and interpretation.

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