New Substance Abuse Trends Making Their Way Into the Workplace

Workplace drug testing company Safework Laboratories has found the first positive results for NBOMe (N-Bomb) in Western Australia and Queensland. The drug, which is designed to produce similar hallucinogenic effects as LSD, is extremely potent and can cause violent or frightening hallucinations, major cardiac symptoms, nausea and vomiting, according to Andrew Leibie, Safework’s National Marketing Director and forensic toxicologist. The components of the drug could not be detected by normal workplace drug tests, but can be traced using more advanced testing. What’s more, research by the

National Drug Research Institute at Curtin University has found anecdotal evidence that professionals in Australia and overseas are “microdosing” before heading to work. The act of taking a fraction of the dose recreational drug users take to get high reportedly has caused individuals to experience improved cognition and creativity, and better attentiveness.

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