New Rules on Police Record Checks in Ontario

Under the Police Record Checks Reform Act 2015, which came into force November 1, 2018, there are three types of record checks: criminal record checks, criminal record and judicial matters checks, and vulnerable sector checks. The criminal record check pulls criminal convictions that have not been pardoned and findings of guilt under the federal Youth Criminal Justice Act. The criminal record and judicial matters check includes additional information, such as convictions where an absolute discharge was granted, convictions where a conditional discharge was granted on conditions in a probation order, every outstanding charge or arrest warrant for a criminal offense, and every court order made against the individual with certain exceptions. In addition to the information provided by the first two checks, the vulnerable sector check also includes every criminal conviction where a finding of not criminally responsible on account of mental disorder was made and any non-conviction information authorised for exceptional disclosure in accordance with the act.

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