New Reports Identify Techniques for Weeding out Psychopaths

Few of the psychometric assessments used in recruiting screen for indicators of social malevolence. However, such tests do exist, and with 60% of employees saying they’ve witnessed bullying and other disturbing behavior in the workplace, organizations may want to take a closer look. A report from JD Supra Business Advisor not only puts a label on these miserable folks, the “Dark Triad,” but suggests there are ways of weeding them out of your workforce. While many companies use psychometric testing during the recruitment process, few test for indicators of social malevolence. “Our main advice to HR professionals who want to detect this behavior early on is two-fold: Get independent professionals to do the psychometric testing rather than trying to assess yourself, link any requirements for testing to the inherent requirements of each role and ensure these requirements are spelled out in advance for all candidates,” said Justine Turnbull, one of the authors of the JD Supra report.

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