Lost A Good Candidate Due To A Criminal Record?

Keith Rosser MBA FCMI CMgr FInstLM, Director @ Reed Screening

Important announcement on changes to what employers will see on #dbschecks

This will open up the jobs market for many…does it pose a risk to employers or provide a wider talent pool and lessen red tape?

Summary of proposed changes for employers:

  • The requirement to routinely disclose offences to employers for non-sensitive roles will be reduced.
  • Custodial sentences of up to a year will become spent after a further 12 months without reoffending, instead of four years.
  • Terms of one-to-four years will no longer be disclosed after four crime-free years – down from seven.
  • Sentences of more than four years will not automatically be disclosed to employers once a seven-year period of rehabilitation has been served, instead of for the rest of an offender’s life.

More jail time for serious criminals


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