Get Ready to Give Up Your Online Privacy to Score the Perfect Rental

In an effort to make life easier for first-time landlords and level the playing field for those at risk of discrimination, Canadian company Naborly Inc., a digital tenant screening solution, still provides a credit check, proof of employment, previous addresses and names, but also has the ability to compile 500 data points to produce a “tenant score” in about 15 minutes. The software combs social media and phone and criminal records for $29.99. Current landlords understand the reluctance of some to gather such sensitive information, but say the risk of property damage, eviction costs, unpaid rent and legal fees outweighs the nervousness to screen their possible tenants. One scan even uncovered a “father” who was running a brothel, claiming the women were his daughters. The information, one landlord argued, is only as ethical as the person armed with the results.

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