Florida Bill Requires Delivery Co’s to Monitor Employees for Arrests

There’s an interesting new law that was recently filed in Florida that would place stringent new requirements on companies who hire and employ delivery service workers. The proposed law would require all delivery service companies to conduct “local and national criminal background checks” on their prospective employees, and inform retailers they contract with if employees are arrested, convicted or awaiting trial for a number of offenses including sexual misconduct, attempts or conspiracy to commit felonies in the second and third degree, assault, battery, and domestic violence. “The Evy Udell Public Safety Act”, was introduced by Florida House Representative, Mike Caruso after Evelyn Udell was killed by a delivery man in her home. The first part about conducting local and national background checks isn’t surprising. Presumably, these companies already conduct some form of a pre-employment background screening, but it never hurts to create better specificity for workers that have access to peoples’ homes.


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