Class Action: Hertz Violated Federal Law When Denying Job Applicant

The Hertz Corporation was hit with a class action lawsuit, alleging that it violated federal law by improperly using consumer reports to deny employment to job applicants. Plaintiff Peter Lee says he applied for a job with a Hertz’s Dollar/Thrifty subsidiary in May 2014, while he was working for a competitor in a similar position. Lee explains that he was arrested in June 2012 and charged with felony possession of a controlled substance, but that when he applied for the job with Hertz that the charges were still pending. Due to his criminal history that was discovered through the background check performed by Sterling, Hertz told Lee they would not be able to hire him. Lee alleges in his Hertz class action lawsuit that the company violated the FCRA because “at no point during the processing of his employment application did Hertz provide Lee with a clear and conspicuous disclosure in the form of a written document that consisted solely of the disclosure, that it may obtain a consumer report for employment purposes.”

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