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Nanny Agency in Greenwich CT Helps Source Remarkable Childcare Announced

The Impeccable Nanny, based in Greenwich, Conn., provides experienced and qualified nannies who can offer quality care to children of all ages. Working families can use the agency to not only locate a safe and qualified caregiver, but also to obtain a contract that outlines the terms of the employment in areas such as fair […]

Canada: Good News for Caregivers: Pathway to Permanent Residence in Canada Streamlined

Beginning April 30, 2023, the amount of work experience in Canada required for a caregiver to qualify for permanent residency is being reduced from 24 months to just 12 months. Some spaces under the existing caregiver pathways have been reserved for those who already have work experience in Canada from a previous work permit, allowing […]

Respectfully Reject Candidates

Candidates that are not a good fit for a nanny job should be told as soon as possible in a respectful manner that demonstrates effective and caring communication. Applicants should immediately receive a phone call following an interview, which, if rejected, should be followed by an email that explains the reason for not receiving the […]

Background Checks and References

A robust background check that includes calling references can ensure the person hired as a nanny is someone who can be trusted. Background checks can include criminal history, identity check and verification, motor vehicle reports, drug screening, employment and education verification, credit reports, and civil litigation searches. References can provide both positive and negative experiences […]

Nanny Payroll, Taxes, and Insurance

If a household employee, such as a nanny, is being compensated for his or her work, nanny taxes should be paid. Failing to do so could lead to thousands of dollars in fees and even jail time. In addition, the nanny is denied a credit history, paystubs, and social security and unemployment benefits. Families of […]

Conduct Nanny Interviews: The Ultimate Guide to Hiring a Nanny

A standard interview process when hiring a nanny includes multiple steps such as a resume and/or profile review, a screening interview, an in-person meeting, and an introduction of the nanny and child or children. Screening questions should be intended to gather information about training and certifications, how the candidate would handle an emergency, vaccination status, […]

Assess Nanny Candidate

When hiring a nanny, it is important to create a list of all job requirements and duties before making sure candidates have the desired training, years of experience, and an hourly wage that is within the household budget. Consideration of desired traits that align with the personalities of the children is also important. A scoring […]

International Nanny Institute

The International Nanny Institute provides practical and comprehensive childcare-related courses designed to train and educate nannies, au pairs, babysitters, and childminders. We offer reasonably priced online training, which allows our students to study anytime and anywhere. Our courses are designed by a team of experts including child psychologists, nutritionists, teachers, pediatric nurses, and SEN specialists […]

Overnight Babysitting Rates: How Much Should I Pay My Sitter?

Babysitters should be paid for every hour they’re working, including sleeping hours for overnight jobs. There are two ways parents can determine an overnight babysitting rate: 1. Pay the typical hourly rate or 2. Determine a flat rate that’s fair when broken down by the hour. Communicating with the sitter is advised to determine a […]

How to Interview a Nanny: Your Questions Checklist

There are a few basic questions that should be included when interviewing a potential nanny for the family. These include basic questions like: “How long have you been caring for children? “What age groups have you cared for?” And “do you have other work or life experience that helps you as a nanny?” Training and […]


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