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Healthcare Perspectives: Improving Screening Turnaround Times

Healthcare facilities are facing challenging times rebuilding the workforce in terms of managing a candidate’s health history, various forms of documentation, scheduling testing, and receiving results from multiple sources. One of the biggest challenges involves extended result turnaround times, but there are several important steps employers can take to speed up TATs for background screening […]

Healthcare Industry Background Checks: A Complete Guide

All healthcare facilities should consider several factors when it comes to background checks before hiring a candidate. These include identity verification, education verification, drug and health checks, and criminal background checks. Failing to do so could lead to cases of negligence that put patients’ lives at risk, reduced quality of care for patients, and risks […]

Bad Actors Round Up (November)

A few recent healthcare fraudsters and compliance busters in various sectors have been rounded up. Under Pharma Fraud, a physician representing Avanir received more than $300,000 in kickbacks for writing more than 10,000 prescriptions for the drug Nuedexta and another $1,500 per each presentation, In the Fraudulent Billing Schemes category, a psychiatrist was caught improperly […]

Five Red Flags to Spot During the Healthcare Hiring Process

The labor shortage in the healthcare industry has led to quicker hiring times but hiring managers must still be cautious when screening candidates, hiring only those without problematic histories. A few red flags to watch for include gaps in employment, a one-size-fits-all resume, general unprofessionalism, overqualification and candidates who speak poorly about past employers.


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VerifyStudents and Medicat: Your Tool for Managing Student Compliance with Immunization Requirements

VerifyStudents and Medicat have merged to provide an integrated solution for collecting and verifying student health immunization data. Challenges addressed include compliance with health information privacy requirements, a lack of tools to provide insight about student compliance metrics in real-time, errors and consistencies caused by using spreadsheets or paper tracking, and limited staff to verify […]

Keys to Managing Risk with Free Clinic Healthcare Volunteers

There are several challenges that face free clinics when recruiting volunteers. With such a big demand for volunteers, it can be tempting to forego a proper background check process, verification of credentials, and license status, but doing so can present major risks to the vulnerable individuals being served. Upholding the Volunteers in Medicine (VIM) model […]

Lots of Home Health Agencies Claim to Only Hire the Best. A New Employer Rating Tool Lets Insurers See for Themselves

The World Health Organization released data in 2018 that revealed one in six people age 60 years and older experienced some form of abuse in nursing homes and long-term care (LTC) facilities. Flaws in traditional screening assessments could be to blame, which are limited to the minimum background check requirements set by the state. In […]

Nurse’s Arrest Shows Flaws in Tennessee Background Check Reports

Although the car of a Mid-South nurse was found with meth, marijuana and 600 prescription pills inside, her license has remained untarnished. The state’s licensure verification database, along with the national database, Nursys, both state “no history of disciplinary action.” A spokesperson stated that “there is no state law or rule that permits automatic action […]

Thoroughly Verifying Provider Licenses and Certifications Improves the Quality of Health Care

It is the responsibility of health care organizations, providers and state and federal entitlement programs to verify that the type of care a physician is providing matches the license that the physician holds, that the license is in good standing, and that all data on licenses held is looked at for a complete view of […]


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