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Where Transportation Fleets are Leveraging Data Analytics to Improve Risk Management

Transportation fleets continue to power the American economy while solidifying the nation’s overall supply chain. Fleets must identify ways to manage risks associated with transporting goods over long distances. An effective scoring system through the use of telematics, forward- and rear-facing cameras, violations, collision history, and certain maintenance events can be effective early warning signs. […]

5 Problems Fleet Managers Need to Address During Truck Driver Onboarding

Although it is easy to assume the frequent turnover for truck drivers is related to pay or working hours, there are actually five onboarding issues that begin right at the moment of hire. These include a lack of work/life balance, problems with dispatch and managers, customer headaches, expectation management, and communication with headquarters. Each of […]

Exposed: The Gaps in Home Healthcare Background Checks

Though important, gaps in the background check process for home healthcare providers can compromise the quality of care provided. The reasons for these gaps include a limited scope, inadequate screening, bad information, loopholes, privacy laws, and a lack of immediate action. Some states are working to take steps to address the problems, but at the […]

Modernize Security Checks That are Vital to Our Supply Chain

While background checks are a vital part of ensuring a safe working environment, repeatedly running checks to be eligible for a new job with the same employer, can be expensive and inefficient. The Transportation Security Screening Modernization Act, which has been introduced in the U.S. House, aims to harmonize transportation security programs.


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VA Hired Nearly 2,000 Health Care Workers with Felony Drug Convictions After ‘Deficient’ Background Checks

Several investigations by the Inspector General’s Office for the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Government Accountability Office found that applicants with criminal drug histories were able to gain jobs as healthcare workers with the Veterans Health Administration. It was discovered that mandated background checks prior to employment often were incomplete, conducted incorrectly, or in […]

LMH Health Issues Statement Following Internal Review of Hiring Processes

The Lawrence Memorial Hospital began an internal review of its hiring process after it was discovered its Chief Financial Officer had legally changed his name and was convicted of past felonies under his given name. The findings of the review, which was intended to “identify gaps that allowed the fraudulent information to escape identification” was […]

FMCSA Warning: Drivers Who Drug-Test Positive Will Lose CDLs

Beginning in late 2024, truck drivers who test positive for drug use will not only be placed on prohibited driving status but will lose their commercial driver licenses and not be issued learning permits until they complete the federal return-to-work process. Employers are required to provide a driver with a list of DOT-qualified substance abuse […]

An Employer Guide to DOT Background Checks

The Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulate businesses that employ commercial vehicle drivers. These organizations require background checks for drivers operating specific types, sizes, and weights of vehicles. New hires must be screened, and the files of current drivers undergo annual updates. These background checks include driving history, […]

The Ultimate Overview of DOT Record-Keeping Requirements

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires companies to keep records to document their compliance with safety regulations. Some must be maintained for at least five years, such as alcohol test results indicating a BAC of 0.02 or greater, and others are for at least one year, such as negative and canceled drug test […]

Healthcare Perspectives: Improving Screening Turnaround Times

Healthcare facilities are facing challenging times rebuilding the workforce in terms of managing a candidate’s health history, various forms of documentation, scheduling testing, and receiving results from multiple sources. One of the biggest challenges involves extended result turnaround times, but there are several important steps employers can take to speed up TATs for background screening […]


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