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What Are DOT MIS Reports or Management Information System Reports?

The Management Information System (MIS), which applies only to Department of Transportation testing, is submitted on an MIS DATA Collection Form based on requirements for various modes of transportation. This statistical data is compiled yearly by companies, based on drug and alcohol testing, including the annual number of tests conducted, reasons for testing, information on […]

Department of Transportation Cautions Employers About CBD Use by Regulated Workers

The CBD (cannabidiol) industry is expected to bring in $22 billion per year by 2022. But there is a downside. If a CBD product has a concentration of more than 0.3% of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), then it is an unlawful Schedule 1 controlled substance under federal law. Employers now are struggling with determining the impact of […]

Pilot Accused of Three Murders Had Criminal Record Prior to Being Hired to Fly

Former U.S. Army and Army Reserve veteran and PSA Airlines pilot Christian Richard Martin had been found guilty of assault on a child under the age of 16 in 2016 before he was hired by parent company American Airlines. He now is accused of the 2015 murder of three individuals. He has been indicted on […]

Rig-orous Background Checks: Negligent Hiring & the Transportation Industry

Employers in the transportation industry may be more vulnerable to negligent hiring claims when it relates to drivers whose actions – whether due to negligence or intentional misconduct – cause significant monetary and bodily harm to others. This whitepaper covers negligent hiring, its impact on the transportation industry and how background checks can play a […]

Chicago’s Rideshare Debate: Is New Ordinance ‘Overregulation’ or Welcome Change?

Chicago’s new rideshare ordinance, which will force companies such as Uber X, Lyft and Sidecar to adhere to regulations such as background checks, driver training and vehicle insurance and inspections, is expected to go into effect late August. Rideshare drivers and taxi drivers don’t see eye to eye about the implications of the regulations. Neither […]


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