Alert: Oppose Hiding Eviction Reports / Unlawful Detainer in Tenant Screening (AB 2819)

Under California’s unlawful detainer (UD) “masking” law,” UD court filings are masked, or hidden from public view for 60 days following the initial eviction court filing, and then are automatically unmasked. AB 2819 will permanently mask all UD actions, unless the rental property owner prevails in court, or seeks a default judgment in court. AB 2819 unfairly places the cost, burden, and responsibility for ensuring tenant defaults are made public on the backs of rental property owners. Among the reasons to oppose: Proponents are egregiously misrepresenting the bill; AB 2819 will unfairly keep a majority of all UD actions hidden from public view; Like credit defaults, bankruptcies, mortgage defaults, and other debt obligations, non-payment of rent is a civil matter of public record and concern; and AB 2819 is contrary to California’s open records and public access policies.
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