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Miya’s Law Moves to the Governor’s Desk

“Miya’s Law” has passed in both chambers and has moved to the Governor’s desk where it awaits signature into law. The bill would improve tenant safety in apartment buildings through required enhanced background screenings of employees and reinforces requirements regarding access to individual units, requiring notice of 24 hours and apartments to establish policies for […]

Housing Discrimination Trial Against Tenant-Screening Firm Begins in Connecticut

The bench trial for Connecticut Fair Housing Center, et al. v. CoreLogic Rental Property Solutions began this month. The tenant-screening company is being sued for discrimination under the Fair Housing Act. The case came into the national spotlight amid growing concerns that tenant-screening algorithms discriminate against people of color. The litigation seems to ensure that […]

D.C. Council Approves Bill Giving Renters Solid Due Process in Eviction Process

The D.C. Council has approved legislation that ensures permanent due process protections for District renters. The “Eviction Record Sealing Authority and Fair Tenant Screening Amendment Act of 2021,” which builds on 2020 and 2021 emergency legislation, “Fairness in Renting,” contains provisions such as requiring housing providers to give written notice of legal proceedings to tenants […]

Bill Introduced to Increase Tenant Safety in Virginia Named After Murdered Caribbean American Teen

A bill has been introduced that intends to improve tenant safety in apartment buildings after a Caribbean teen was murdered last year by a maintenance worker in the Florida apartment complex in which she lived. “Miya’s Law” requires landlords to conduct background screening for all apartment employees and it must include a national screening of […]

Eviction-related Bill Would Help Both Landlords, Renters

Rep. Ethan Manning has filed House Bill 1214, which proposes three primary changes to assist Indiana’s residents who have not actually been evicted and to determine the state’s true eviction numbers. The first change would allow tenants to petition the court to seal their eviction records in certain circumstances. The second would require that participation […]

CDIA & PBSA Amicus Brief Advocates Landlords’ First Amendment Right to Conduct Criminal Background Checks

The Consumer Data Industry Association (CDIA) and the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA) together submitted an amicus brief in November in support of landlords’ First Amendment right to conduct criminal record background checks. The case of Yim v. City of Seattle challenges a Seattle ordinance that prohibits private landlords from conducting criminal background checks when […]

Bill Would Reform Tenant Screening Reports in PA

Since April, Philadelphia landlords have been required to apply for rental assistance and enroll in the city’s eviction-diversion program prior to filing for eviction due to rent non-payment. Sen. Nikil Saval’s Fair Records for Renters legislation would permanently seal eviction records for tenants, and only allow them to become public if the landlord wins the […]

Eviction Record Expungement Can Remove Barriers to Stable Housing

Eviction records keep individuals and families locked in a cycle of poverty; force people to live in unsafe housing, and cause homelessness and a host of other collateral consequences. One commonsense reform to help minimize the negative effects of eviction records is to increase access to and ease of eviction record sealing or expungement and […]

Illinois House Passes Bills to Protect Renters, Homeowners; and Advance Health Equality

The Illinois House of Representatives has passed several bills aimed at protecting underserved communities struggling through the pandemic and setting the state on a path toward improved health equity. The COVID-19 Federal Emergency Rental Assistance Program Act (HB 2877) addresses the unprecedented economic instability for renters, homeowners, and landlords caused by the pandemic by codifying […]

Tenant Screening Software Faces National Reckoning

A Navy officer with top-secret clearance underwent a tenant screening while searching for an apartment, but was mistaken for a man who was an alleged drug trafficker due to sharing the same first and last name. He sued tenant screening firm RentGrow in a proposed class-action filed in Baltimore in 2019 and now has also […]


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