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Eviction Record Expungement Can Remove Barriers to Stable Housing

Eviction records keep individuals and families locked in a cycle of poverty; force people to live in unsafe housing, and cause homelessness and a host of other collateral consequences. One commonsense reform to help minimize the negative effects of eviction records is to increase access to and ease of eviction record sealing or expungement and […]

Illinois House Passes Bills to Protect Renters, Homeowners; and Advance Health Equality

The Illinois House of Representatives has passed several bills aimed at protecting underserved communities struggling through the pandemic and setting the state on a path toward improved health equity. The COVID-19 Federal Emergency Rental Assistance Program Act (HB 2877) addresses the unprecedented economic instability for renters, homeowners, and landlords caused by the pandemic by codifying […]

Tenant Screening Software Faces National Reckoning

A Navy officer with top-secret clearance underwent a tenant screening while searching for an apartment, but was mistaken for a man who was an alleged drug trafficker due to sharing the same first and last name. He sued tenant screening firm RentGrow in a proposed class-action filed in Baltimore in 2019 and now has also […]

Five Things You Should Know About Tenant Screening

It is important to screen all possible candidates for leasing an apartment, house or storefront, but the process is regulated by state, local and federal laws that any landlord, tenant or screening agency should know about. First, federal law, such as the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) provides baseline protections for tenancy applicants, while state […]

‘Fair Chance’ Housing Ordinance in Jackson Would Offer Bar Discrimination Based on Criminal History

Jackson, Mich., Mayor Derek Dobies has introduced an ordinance that would give people who have served their time a fair chance at safe housing. Dobies said part of the city’s approach to alleviating poverty means ensuring housing stability and reducing discrimination. Specifically, the ordinance would prohibit landlords from asking potential tenants about their conviction history […]

The Ultimate Guide to Tenant Screening

A thorough tenant screening process can serve as a valuable asset for real estate investors, helping to ensure on-time rent, a well-cared-for property, and a decrease in vacancies. The process should include the basics of who a tenant is, such as where they work and what they make, as well as a more detailed screening […]

Five Things You Should Know About Tenant Screening

While it is important to conduct a background check before agreeing to lease an apartment, house or storefront to an applicant, it is critical to understand that doing so is regulated by state, local and federal law. Five points landlords, tenants and screening agencies should know about tenant screening laws include: the Fair Credit Reporting […]

The FCRA and Unlawful Discrimination: A Possible Foreshadowing of FTC Enforcement Priorities

The Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) proposed $4.25 million settlement with AppFolio, Inc. (“AppFolio”), a California-based company that provides “screening reports” to property management companies regarding potential tenants’ rental, credit, and criminal histories. While the settlement bears a hefty price tag, it was Commissioner Rohit Chopra’s dissenting statement that caught CPW’s attention as it directly raised […]

Tenant Background Screening Company Settles with FTC for $4.25 Million

AppFolio, Inc., has reached a $4.25 million settlement with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for alleged violations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). The complaint alleged that AppFolio was reporting eviction records and non-conviction criminal records that were more than seven years old, further accusing the business of failing to follow reasonable procedures to […]

How to Screen Tenants

There are a lot of important factors that real estate investors or property managers should consider when conducting the screening of potential tenants. While it is critical to remain compliant with The Fair Housing Act, screening should include eviction history, criminal history, income verification, employment history, rental history, and credit check. Red flags, like evictions […]


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