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Understanding the Tenant Background Check: A Guide for Landlords

Landlords are familiar with the need to conduct a tenant background check before signing a lease or allowing someone to move into a rental property, but it is important to understand what should be included. In general, the more information, the better, including a criminal background check, a sex offender registry check, a credit report, […]

ERC Resolves Race Discrimination Lawsuit Against Nation’s Largest Private Landlord

In early October, the Equal Rights Center (ERC) announced the resolution of claims against Mid-America Apartment Communities, Inc., and Mid-America Apartments, L.P. (MAA) that its exclusion of housing applicants with certain criminal records discriminated against such individuals on the basis of race and national origin. Specifically, the lawsuit claimed that MAA’s criminal records screening policy […]

CDC Orders Freeze on Residential Evictions Until December 31, 2020

“The Temporary Halt in Residential Evictions to Prevent the Further Spread of COVID-19” was issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Effective Sept. 4, 2020, the Eviction Moratorium expires at the end of the year and applies nationally to any state, local, territorial, or tribal […]

St. Paul City Council Moves Ahead with Tenant Screening Ordinance

The St. Paul City Council held a public hearing to discuss an ordinance that would change how landlords use criminal histories, past evictions or credit scores when considering new tenants. The proposed ordinance is said to be another step forward for the city’s efforts to build equity while also curbing longtime barriers that make it […]

How Automated Background Checks Freeze Out Renters

More and more landlords – an estimated nine out of 10 – are relying on the tenant screening industry to produce accurate reports for potential tenants, but that’s not always the case. Automated background checks can be created within a few seconds, using searches based on partial names or incomplete dates of birth, and typically […]

Navigating the Fair Housing Act and Iowa Landlord-Tenant Law During COVID-19

Those who are in the business of renting or selling residential properties are in the unchartered territory due to COVID-19 and have plenty of questions regarding privacy concerns for tenants/applicants, duty to protect its employees and tenants, and Fair Housing laws. Some wonder whether the Fair Housing Act (FHA) or Iowa law cover individuals who […]

This New Castle County-Born Service Aims to Simplify Digital Tenant Screening

A new national platform has been designed to allow landlords to run tenant screenings through a website designed by Jane Perillo and Laura Stayton, founders of Newark’s Delaware Realty Management, and Jane Clark, creative director and owner of Teakettica. Prospective tenants pay a fee and create a report that includes credit check, pay stubs, identification, […]

Berkeley May Remove Criminal Checks in Housing Applications, Angering Landlords

Berkeley, California, is introducing legislation that would eliminate housing barriers for people like Lee “Taqwaa” Bonner, who, after being paroled three years ago following a 35-year prison sentence, has faced difficulties in securing housing. Bonner, who first tried moving in with his sister and then his mother, was up against bans that prevented people with […]

Airbnb Properties Have Seen Their Share of Crimes and Other Troubles

According to Airbnb spokesman Ben Breit, a number of safety tools exist to keep guests and hosts safe, including the option for hosts to require guests to provide a government ID before booking a listing, a risk-scoring system, and background checks. Even so, Santa Fe-based travel-advice site Asher & Lyric conducted a survey in 2017 […]

Seattle Landlords Fight for Right to Refuse Criminals Tenancy

Pacific Legal Foundation (PLF) is representing landlords who are fighting a local housing ordinance that forces them to accept potentially violent criminals, including sex offenders, as residential tenants. The Fair Chance Housing Ordinance of 2017 prevents landlords from considering applicants’ criminal histories, declaring that it is an unfair practice for landlords and tenant screening services […]


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